Ignores self acclaimed tenure expiration date
–    Determined to access N1 billion TETFUND project money before vacating office

Reports from the Imo State Polytechnic, Umuagwo have revealed that Rev. Fr. Dr. Wence Madu, whose tenure as Rector of Imo Polytechnic, expired last August 31, 2017, has continued to sit tight in office despite protest by executives of the Academic and non Academic Staff Unions to this effect. ASUP had since petitioned relevant authorities against the continued stay in office by Rev. Madu.

When he joined Imo Polytechnic Umuagwo in 2008, Madu rose to become Chief lecturer, just within a period of three years, from his first appointment as lecturer II even without any prior teaching experience.

By 2011 according to our source, he was appointed acting Rector, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, thus displacing the former Rector and other more senior lecturers who were in the Polytechnic long before him. He was an acting Rector for one year before the Governor used fiat to impose him into the substantive position as Rector. Since then Wence Madu has continued to hold sway as the ultimate authority even in the absence of functional governing council. It was also learnt that because of his mutual relationship with the Governor, he enjoys maximum support to operate without interference or council.

When the news broke first that Whence Madu ought to leave office at the expiration of his tenure (as a result of a self conceited amendment) on August 31, 2017, the Provost explained that the calculation was wrong. Instead he quoted 12th December 2017 as his expiration date. The embattled Rector was said to have promised to leave while the ovation is loudest.

Regrettably, the 12th December 2017, has since come and gone, without Wence Madu showing his back at the Polytechnic gate Umuagwo, to the effect that the vacancy which ordinarily exists for the office or post of Rector is yet to be advertised or made public. Like other absurdities that have taken their tolls on Imo state and its citizens where decency, decorum and rule of law have taken flight, the Catholic Reverend Father has continued unabatedly to preside over the affairs and management of the tertiary institutions and funded with public money obviously with the tacit endorsement of the governor.

Sources at the Polytechnic said Madu is about imposing his cronies and stooges as Chairman of the local ASUP branch so as to have his way into tenure elongation for yet another 5 years contrary to the rule that Polytechnic Rectors should run a single tenure of 5 years. It was equally gathered that Re. Fr. Wence Madu’s insistence on getting a third tenure in office is to allow him access to another TETFUND project of N1 billion.

Interestingly, the Catholic priest has never lived above clannishness and nepotism, which were the hallmarks under which he assumed office. Apart from exploiting the privileges of coming from the same place as Governor Rochas Okorocha, he has continued to employ his cronies in the execution of TETFUND projects which contracts he uses a former T.C Chairman and close associate or confidants, to execute. He has continued to carry himself as a holier than thou administrator, and the Soutine wearing Priest in white sepulcher at Umuagwo.