As the year 2017 rolls to an end marking the conclusion of this year’s yuletide seasons of festivities, joy, happiness and love in spite of the numerous attendant human induced obstacles, hardship, economic and political drabs, Nigerians look forward, towards ushering in the new year of 2018. At the vestige of the rolling out of the year, one hopes that Christians use the period in solace, love and ardent prayers for God to harken to the cries of his children, currently under hostage and bondage of poverty, intolerance, hatred, bad governance, enslavement leading to chaos and confusion.


We expect that Nigerians especially the Christians with reference to Imo, the citizens will use the last days of the year to reminiscent on the ugly events of the past 24 months and prepare to brace the challenges of the coming year with hope, faith and determination to partner with the king of peace and saviour of the World whose incarnation into human form we are commemorating, to usher equity, love and peace in our land.

In the celebration, jubilation, joy and merriment of the season, let us not forget that our nation nay state has not come out of the woods nor have we witnessed the promised change or rescue and therefore work hard and resolve to turn to God for genuine rescue, change and salvation and peace to all God’s creatures barring ethnic difference, religion, colour or status. The time to seek God’s face for the coming 12 months is now. Thus, as we prepare to bid the year bye, and welcome the new one, we must use these days to tell ourselves the truth that we have all erred and deviated from God’s injunctions to our fellow beings, the leaders and the led and that we shall turn new leaves in order to attract God’s blessings and greater protection in peace, and unity in the near future. We should also be prepared to eschew the rampant bloodshed of fellow beings through ritual murder, abortion, road traffic accident, insurgencies, riots, protests, campaigns, terrorism, hooliganism and outright wars for these are all crimes/vices that do society no good as the blood of the victims cry often to heaven for vengeance and makes God turn His face away from a nation.

As the year rolls to an end, we appeal to the politicians, business tycoons, tradesmen and all Nigerians including traditional and religious to remember the message of Christmas which is PEACE TO ALL MEN. Let us also remember and realize that all men are equal before God and all powers come from God who gives authority. It is time to work together and resolve to lay emphasis on virtues that make society a happy one not vices that are harmful to all mankind. Our leaders should make effort to understand and appreciate that the power they possess and authority they exercise is derived from the people whose interest, security and welfare should be paramount not egotism, self pride and arrogance, neglect of the harmless masses who should be protected. Let the leaders avoid provoking the multitude to chaos, protests, insurgency or militancy. Let us learn to carry the joy, peace, harmony, co-operation and security exhibited during the yuletide into the new year of political transition.

It is our humble prayer that Nigerians, mainly Imolites may witness a real change in our social and economic life and the people rescued from starvation, demolition and delimitation. Appreciating that no man is an island and no tree, no matter how large can make a forest. After all, democracy is supposed to be a peoples government as opposed to autocracy or dynasty, hegemony.

As we pass through this testing crucible of hot furnace, may the people emerge victorious. May the spirit, message and euphoria of Christmas which encompasses love, joy, happiness, salvation and deliverance from the clutches of the evil one envelope us and may all forms of tribulations, enslavement and bondage of the people of God be a temporary phase, as we have hope that the light of the yuletide 2017 will overshadow darkness, and bring salvation to Isreal, the people of God – Nigerians.