Accuses PDP, APGA, APC of buying votes
– Says Rochas Okorocha’s government is confused

The Deputy National Chairman (South) of the United Progressives Party (UPP) Chief Ejike Uche (Dimkpasaa) has given reasons why his party lost the governorship election in Anambra State which held last November 18, 2017. Though rated very high and popular before the election, the UPP candidate, Chief Osita Chidioka came a distant fourth position.


This he said was because those Chief Ejike Uche Chris described as vote merchants, employed the bazaar factor. Writing under the caption, “flight of reason and policy summersault” recently, in his assessment of the contest, the former APGA Chieftain and Commissioner for Housing and Urban Development in Imo between 2011 and 2012, revealed that the election was won by “compromise of the electoral laws, security apparatus and the bazaar factor”. He accused “those advantaged parties” of buying a single vote for as much as N20,000, with N10,000 being their least offer for a vote. “It was shameful and mockery of democracy. It was only the UPP and some other parties that did not engage in votes purchase”, he averred.

It was against this background that he presently supports the national chairman of UPP, Chief Chekwas Okorie’s position for the adoption of e-voting in the 2019 general elections as “this could be the only solution to such brazen resort to purchasing votes. Whatever INEC would do to usher this component of our election should be done before the next general election of 2019”; “he added, otherwise those he call scammers, 419ners etc would take over or hijack the states. referring to Imo State where the Governor recently appointed his younger sister Mrs. Ogechi Ololo, as the “commissioner for happiness and purpose fulfillment”, without the courtesy of submitting her name and credentials to the state House of assembly for screening and scrutiny, Chief Ejike Uche, while decrying the sordid situation in Imo State, joined other Nigerians including Reno Omokri, a former aide to Goodluck Jonathan, to advise that “Rochas Okorocha must as a matter of urgency undergo psychiatric examination. “That might sound funny but it is the collective insult to Imolites to continue to tolerate a governor like Okorocha”.

Continuing, Chief Ejike Uche contends that “as things are now, Imo is at cross roads, as Imolites are held hostage and helpless by a government that is not only lethargic but confused”. This ugly development is good reason every right thinking “Imo electorate must reject Okorocha and his proxies in 2019 before the pool yet another wool over the people’s eyes”. Describing a situation where the governor has moved from 13 ministries and commissioners in 2011 when there was no recession to an unimaginable 29 ministries and 29 commissioners, including that of “happiness and purpose upliftment” in 2017 under heavy economic recession, as the height of morbid melancholy or total madness, and irresponsible policy summersault. Chief Ejike Uche also said Okorocha is desperate to buy votes in 2019 in order to cover his tracks, hence his irredeemable resort to primitive accumulation of Imo tax payers money hereby impoverishing the people the more to wish for mere crumbs. “Worst is that Okorocha has remained shamelessly. The only Governor in Nigeria that has turned out the highest number of commissioners within a space of six years and has refused to obey the rule of law.

He further enumerated the myriads of injustices and litany of impunities committed by an unrepentant Rochas Okorocha to include refusal to pay pensioners even after collecting N26.8Billion as bail-out, destruction of homes and properties including Ekeukwu market on trumped up excuses of urban renewal and destabilization of the civil service.  Okorocha he also accused of diverting council funds and refusal to conduct LGA elections more than six years after assuming office among other misappropriations of Paris Club Debt Relief Refund and Imo bond proceeds never captured in any annual budgetary estimates.