– Says they have uncovered plot by Okorcha led govt to disenfranchise sec. school students

By Martin Opara

The United Progressive Party (UPP) government in the state and at the federal level, will not only address the painfully ravaging issues of hunger, poverty, and unemployment but will also ensure integrated political, social, economic and infrastructural development if elected. The deputy national chairman of the party, Chief Ejike Uche (Dimkpasaa) gave this hint while addressing journalists, immediately after the meeting of Aka Orlu, held in Orlu, Imo State, recently.


The political heavy weight and post graduate product of the London School of Economics, said “UPP is not only the beautiful bride but a stop gap in the Nigerian political horizon by virtue of its programmes and policies as enshrined in its people-oriented manifesto, the antecedents and pedigree of its leadership and the party’s overall unblemished image”.

He averred that a UPP led government will usher in peace, stability, tranquility and mutual co-existence, because the party’s manifesto addresses the core issues that give rise to civil unrest, ethnic protests and agitations.

“For instance, true federalism, restructuring, resource control, fiscal federalism, referendum, etc will give the ethnic minorities and other federating units a sense of belonging and douse if not completely obliterate the tension in the polity, arising from feelings of marginalization. Besides empowering and keeping the youths gainfully employed, will reduce crime rate and other attendant security challenges”.

He urged the people to identify with and support the UPP because there are better and rosy days ahead. “Our candidates for all elective positions will be responsible men and women, worthy of positions of trust and responsibility”.

The Ndimoko, Arondizuogu, Ideato North LGA, born frontline politician and mobilizer, regretted that “the present self acclaimed rescue mission government in the state has destroyed all facets of government and subjected the people to unmitigated suffering, hardship, poverty and lack. The pensioners are dying in their numbers, civil servants have been pauperized and reduced to beggarly status because of non-payment of their statutory emoluments. The traditional and cultural institutions have been rubbished and bastardized, to the extent that revered traditional rulers, now go cap in hand, prostrating and begging for peanuts. They are also installed and removed at will by the government. This is an unacceptable aberration that the UPP government will put a stop to. The hope of the people will be restored, their tears wiped away and an enabling environment provided for people to actualize their dreams and maximize their potentials. All wrongs and injustices against the people will be addressed and reversed”.

Responding to a question, he said, the party will present a youthful and well educated governor with good back ground, impeccable track record and administrative ingenuity that will harness the unique qualities of women and youths by rechanneling their energetic and intellectual qualities towards achieving the overall interest of Imo people, even those yet unborn.

The seasoned technocrat, who places much premium on accountability, justice and fairness, condemned the concept of “Orlu for Orlu, describing it as unjust, unfair, retrogressive, and absolutely unacceptable.” He said, under UPP, it will be Orlu for Imo, because Orlu people will ensure that a credible, selfless, compassionate and result-oriented candidate emerges from either Owerri or Okigwe zones, in the spirit of justice, equity and fairness.

He however advised the two zones to put their acts together, do a thorough job by presenting a flawless candidate, with integrity, reputation and proven track record.

He called on the youths to shun ill-conceived philanthropic gestures of dishonest politicians, whose Greek gifts are predicated on deceit and intent to defraud and loot the treasury when voted into office. According to him, “where have they been and what have they done for the people, all this while”?

Dimkpasaa, also faulted the renaming of Assumpta avenue after, President Muhammadu Buhari, describing it as an affront on the entire Christendom. He said, “Assumpta Avenue, covers the distance between the statue of the holy family erected in front of the popular Assumpta Cathedral at Control Post Junction and terminates at Government House Junction by Okigwe Road and Wetheral Roundabout”. He wonders why a governments that claims to have the peoples’ mandate should take delight in shamelessly lying and deceiving the same people. “How can they wake up and start telling us now that Assumpta Avenue terminates at Warehouse junction. This is the greatest lie of the devil”.

He also called on the President Muhammadu Buhari administration to match words with action and take proactive steps, as regards the issue of Fulani herdsmen that is presently assuming a cancerous dimension. “I call on President Buhari to deal decisively with the recurrent menace of Fulani herdsmen because most Nigerians are beginning to see their operations as those of Boko Haram in disguise. He is also of the opinion that the federal government is handling the issue with kid gloves and advised the president to use the remaining months of his administration to ensure the herdsmen issue is nipped in the bud.  

He also revealed that UPP has discovered plot by the Okorocha led government to disenfranchise secondary school students by forcefully collecting their permanent voter’s cards (PVC). He however said those behind the ignoble and unlawful act will be exposed in due course.