As we begin a new era in the new year, 2018 by ushering in with it and voice while basking in this euphoria of happiness and promises of the year ending in 2017 with strong belief and acceptance of the divine  Christmas message that those living in darkness have seen great light and those held captive have gained their freedom. We want to remind ourselves and indeed all Nigerians especially Imolites that as we consciously and graciously march into the year 2018, it is our duty to call to mind and reflect on the divine Biblical information that, “if my people (Nigerians) who are called by my name, will turn away from their sins and repent, I will turn my face to them and heal their land.

In the past, it seems the people had disobeyed God and refused to honour and worship him for too many others gods (money, wealth, wine, women and power) and He allowed them to be carried away into captivity by the Babylonians with Turkish touch and their wealth, culture, pride consequently demolished and their capital city renamed by the Babylonian kings of Ogboko and Daura. This accounts for why they have been forced to sing the Lords songs in foreign land, on false shrine.

As we march into the year 2018, we shall resolve to absolve ourselves of our numerous inequities, for heaven to hear our cry in 2019 as we wait for the second coming of Christ, the true King of the World. As we begin the march to redemption through political campaign by those who want to rule us to the next millennium, we must be mindful of the fact that God is the only ruler of the universe and in his holy book, he directs that we seek his kingdom first and all other things shall be given unto us.

His admonition includes “seek ye the truth for only the truth shall make you free”. For Nigerians and mainly Imolites who have been held in total captivity and bondage with all the wealth, demolished their citizens, now pauperized and their children dedicated to foreign gods, the new year calls for deeper reflection of the past in order to learn from the mistakes of the past, separate the weeds from the chaff and know which seeds will germinate and those that will not. “It is time to separate ourselves as a people and know our goal with the belief that the dry bones shall rise again and the remnants of the people will return from Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, USA, Italy, Libya et cetera to their homeland, the land flowing with milk and honey and founded by the likes of Ndubuisi Kanu and Sam Mbakwe of blessed memories. The glorious land of freedom, salvation, love, enterprise, cooperation, prosperity and fear of God, must not be left in the hands of adventures and voyage seeking merchants.

It is time to cleanse ourselves of the evil practices of corruption at all levels, cultism, bribery, cheating, killing for wealth and power, sodomy, sadism, debauchery, idolatry and money worship as well as other vain glorious acts. May we teach our children to learn to fear God, obey their elders and believe in hardwork, honesty and sincerity with regards to the rights of our fellow beings. In this year, let us like the Biblical Esau, never sell our birth right again for a mere plate of porridge – rice, cloth, sungar coated songs with street dances by wolves in sheep clothings.

Nigeria is a land of peace and unity while Imo is its heartland whose hope was lost in 2015 to be regained in 2019 by the people. The year has just begun. Let us appeal to God of heavens to restore our sight, psyche, knowledge, love and respect, humanity and strength in order to love, fear him and our fellowmen as we love ourselves so that in unity we and our generation shall dwell and inherit the land promised our forefathers in the person of Azikiwe, Awolowo, Saduana, Okpara, Akanu Ibiam etc.

Let us put a stop to the fury flow of the blood of innocent Nigerians which has continued to cry to heaven for vengeance. May the God of our land grant us the much desired peace to thrive as a nation of diverse ethnic groups.