– As Okorocha, South East APC leaders ,draw blood

If the seeming crisis in the leadership of APC, South East zone, is anything to go by, then the recent prediction of doom for President Muhammadu Buhari by Rev. Fr. Mbaka is as good as fulfilled. The vitriolic Catholic priest, Enugu based tele-evangelist and healer had warned President Buhari to forget about seeking re-election in 2019, or face the imminent wrath of God. He added that the Spirit of God Almighty has since departed from him. 


He further informed the President that all those urging him and assuring him of victory in his bid for a second tenure, are his worst enemies whose entreaties and persuasions he should ignore. The Priest insisted that, like in 2015 when he predicted victory for Buhari, that God has spoke to him, once more.

Against this backdrop Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, advised the President to act wisely and as a God fearing leader, ignore the rantings of those self seeking governors, and save himself from the imminent and impending doom, calamity, disgrace and shame. President Muhammadu Buhari, has not only gone ahead to reappoint Chief Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi as Director General of the Buhari Presidential Campaign Organization (TBO) but went a step further in getting APC governors to endorse him for second term, implying that he is bent on re-contesting for the presidency.

He has also reappointed Owelle Rochas Okorocha, as Director, South East zone of the Buhari Campaign Organization. The latest appointment of Okorocha which was long predicted has however brought fire, cataclysm and pandemonium among leaders of the party in the South East Region who have individually and collectively vowed to drop dead rather than accept Okorocha’s leadership of the party.

 APC leaders posited that, he should start packing his personal belongings from Aso Rock because without the votes of Igbos this time around, Buhari would certainly be roundly defeated. They had reasoned that any presidential candidate from the North would eventually split Buhari’s support base while Goodluck Jonathan will do everything humanly possible in the South/South Region to ensure Buhari’s defeat, hence the need for the emergence of a more credible Igbo leader as presidential campaign director, will be able to mobilize reasonable support for Buhari’s victory. Anything short of this they argued will be total disaster and disgrace for Buhari and Rochas Okorocha.