– Dare Okorocha to do his worst

A number of Indian hemp smokers have described Governor Rochas Okorchas recent decision to set up a task force against Indian hemp smoking in the state as a huge joke taken too far and hypocritical.


Reacting to the pronouncement by the governor, to fish them out and deal ruthlessly with them, when our reporter mistakenly burst into their den, the ardent smokers of hard drugs explained that they have association of Indian hemp smokers in Imo State.

They further observed that most of their members are top government and security officials who should either prevail on the governor to disband its task force or risk being exposed. They also insisted that following the hardship and frustration experienced in Imo State, Indian hemp smoking is their only way of consoling themselves and eschewing bitterness, rancor and malice. They even accused the state governor of behaving like one under the influence of hard drugs most times.

They therefore warned the little girl appointed into Okorocha’s new taskforce on Indian hemp smoking, to thread with caution on the subject matter.

Last Tuesday while addressing members of his APC and other loyalists, Governor Okorocha observed that the heavy and regular intake of hard drugs is probably the cause of anger and awkward or clumsy attributes of Imo citizens. He therefore called volunteers who should constitute a taskforce to stamp out Indian hemp smoking in the state. However the development turned into a mild drama when one participant stood up and accused some of those at the high table with the Governor of indulging in hard drugs and are guilty of same offence.