By Anselem Anokwute

The incessant killings by the Fulani cattle herdsmen have been described by an Imo state based cleric, Evang. Carnice Okoronkwo, as an act of God to expose Muslims’ hidden intention imbedded in the continuous push on grazing bill and cattle colony in Nigeria.

Addressing newsmen over the weekend, Evangelist Okoronkwo who is also the founder of “Gospel Volunteer Force and Kings Centre”, Owerri, stated that the hand of God is involved in the killings in order to expose the evil intensions of the Fulani tribe to unduly colonize the entire country as a follow up to their fore fathers, Usman Dan Fodio’s 1800 century Jihad war.

According to him, cattle rearing has remained a private business, therefore asked “why should it be given a more preferential treatment than others?”. He also said that by the incessant killings, God has used it to open up the eyes of the Christians so as to unite them ahead of the looming Jihad war which he said is imminent. Giving then an autonomy, will be made available to the cattle rearers through the grazing bill which he also stated was the fulanis long term plan to Islamize the nation.

Evang. Carnice Okoronkwo added that God openly showed him the whole thing in a vision, moreso how the herdsmen just in a twinkling of an eye surrounded the whole nation, Nigeria, thus forcing people to subscribe to their belief in their Islamic religion which he said is an improper thing. According to him, it is against the backdrop of the vision that he is now calling an all christians to rise up and reject the grazing bills and cattle colony policy and rather advised federal government to make policy that would be favourable to every farmers and not cattle rearers alone.

He said Nigeria is not even amongst the first ten highest producers of cattle in the world who are not in the policy of cattle colony. While there is no free building of estate in Nigeria for the citizens to live but the federal government is only interested to house and allow cows or cattle to damage people’s farm land and thereby killing of innocent citizens when resisted the federal government has remained adamant on the issues rather has put policies in place to shade the Fulani herdsmen.

He therefore called on the Christians to note that what is happening is God’s intervention to prepare them for the challenges ahead and also to expose the evil intention of the Muslims who are predominantly cattle rearers.