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The decision of the embattled Rector of the Imo State polytechnic, Umuagwo, Rev (Fr) Dr Wence Madu to remain in office after the expiration of his five year single tenure on the 31st of August last year, has continued to generate controversy, tension, intrigues and rancour within the polytechnic and beyond.

Information available to Community Watchdog newspaper, indicates that the Rector obtained his bachelor’s degree from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) in 1981, a masters degree from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, in Awka in 1991, a second masters degree from Prairie view A and M University, Texas, U.S.A. in 1999 and a doctorate degree from Abia State University, Uturu in 1997.

It should also be noted that it took him only two years to obtain a PhD. He was also said to have worked briefly at Claretean Institute of Philosophy (UNIPORT).

He was also, said to have been employed by the polytechnic, as lecture II in April 2008, became acting rector in 2011 and confirmed as a substantive rector for a  4 year renewal tenure on 31st August 2012.

He was also said to have worked briefly with the Claretean Institute of Philosophy, University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State before his employment at the Polytechnic as lecturer II on Hatis salary level 9 in 2008. He became acting Rector in 2011 and confirmed as substantive rector for a four year single tenure on 31st August 2012.

It has however been revealed that his unusual promotion from lecturer II in 2008 to acting Rector in 2012 may have been facilitated by alterations and falsification of his employment records and data.

For instance, in an employment form he personally filled that was made available to Community Watchdog newspaper, he claimed that he was a chief lecturer on Hatis salary level 14.2 in the same April  2008 that he was employed in the Polytechnic  as lecturer II.

A close management source confided in this reporter that Rev. Fr. Wence Madu is a wolf in sheep’s skin and not in any way a true man of God as portrayed in the alleged falsification of his employment records.

However, immediately after he assumed office as substantive Rector, he allegedly lobbied the Imo State house of assembly for a review of the school’s policy, to enable him enjoy a five year single tenure. In line with his subtle request, the house of assembly enacted a law for a single five year tenure for Rectors of Imo State polytechnic Umuagwo, with effect from 12th December 2012.   

One Darlington Oparaocha a staff, of the public relations department, of the institution, had in a release he issued last year, in response to a publication made by Community Watchdog newspaper, in respect of the Rector’s tenure elongation scheme, said, though, the Fr. Wence became a substantive rector in August 2012, “his five year single tenure started courting from when the four year renewable tenure was abrogated on 12th December 2012. He will therefore remain in office as Rector, till the 12th of December 2017”. The release, which was printed on the rector’s official letter head, with the inscription, “office of the Rector, Imo State Polytechnic, Umuagwo, was published as a full page advertorial in an Owerri based tabloid, where the author, Mr. Darlington also made some crude, uncomplimentary and unprofessional remarks about Community Watchdog newspaper, for according to him, “publishing nonsense”.

Some members of the academic community who spoke on condition of anonymity said, “from which ever angle one looks at it, Fr. Wence Madu served out his tenure, on the 12th of December 2017. We, as Catholics are worried, perplexed and ashamed that a priest who preaches godliness, discipline and morality is setting such a bad, ugly and shameful precedence, thereby denting the image of priests, the Catholic Church and entire Christendom.  

They described Fr. Wence Madu’s new designation as acting rector as the height of indiscretion, lack of dignity and good judgment. “It is an exhibition of greed, indiscretion, morbid and gluttonous appetite for power, relevance and the pecks of office for a person who spent one year in acting capacity, five years and four months as a substantive rector to once again become an acting rector of the same institution, just to remain in office, contrary to established rules and procedure”.

Meanwhile, the Rev Father, turned Rector is said to have drawn the battle line and embarked on vendetta mission against those who are opposed to his unlawful tenure elongation scheme. He is said to have started suspending some labour leaders who are bent on ensuring that the right thing is done and that the governing laws of the institution are strictly adhered to at all times and on all issues, no matter whose ox is gored.