-Put Okorocha’s camp in disarray ahead of 2019

With the 2019 election year, drawing closer, the contending forces in Imo APC, especially those loyal to the Governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, have been thrown into total confusion and their camp appears to be in total disarray. With so many interest groups routing for different aspirants as governorship candidates of the APC, there is a whole lot of controversies, mudslinging, and intrigues heating up the polity excessively in that direction.

Almost all the past and presently serving Secretaries to Government (SGI) of Imo State and those of Chief of Staff to the Governor, since 2011, are up in arms against each other on who gets the governors endorsement and unalloyed support as the 2019 APC governorship candidate. These political gladiators do not even reckon with the presence of others outside the Governors Kitchen Cabinet, who they regard as inconsequential in the entire political equation and decision making process.

In its first categories are the current Chief of Staff to the Governor, Uche Nwosu, who doubles as his son-in-law and Prince Eze Madumere who has performed as Deputy-Governor for the past five years. Madumere it will be recalled was pioneer Chief of Staff to Okorocha who had earlier appointed his then proposed son-in-law, Uche Nwosu, as a Deputy Chief of Staff before promoting him to the office of Commissioner for Lands, Housing, Survey and Urban Planning, the same way the governor has now elevated his immediate younger sister, “Madam Ogechi Ololo”, as commissioner for Happiness and Purpose Fulfillment. Just for her to be an equivalent of Uche Nwosu, and compete favourably on behalf of her husband on who get the nod as successor.

In a fierce battle to outwit the other, these dramatis personae, all of who subscribe to the “continuity agenda of Rochas Okorocha”, have continued to rub shoulders, even engage in fisticuffs to drum their message of desperation for power, home. 

For instance, supporters of the Achi Mbieri born Eze Madumere had recently reported in the social media of an attack on one of his media aides and directly accused one of the contenders of orchestrating the evil plot to rubbish their principal, Eze Madumere. Writing under the caption, “2019 quest, who is Uche Nwosu without Madumere”, one Esogibe Ikenna, in apparent response to a diatribe from Darlinton Ibekwe carpeted those pushing hard for Uche Nwosu as governor, in 2019. While many had regarded what they hear about the infighting as speculative, hoax or handiwork of paid agents. It took the latest case of street brawl by Okorocha’s boys to confirm that the mudslinging had the tacit support and endorsement of the principals. And so it has become this bad until the entire grumbling came to a head when one Chinagorom Christopher, was beaten pulp and blue allegedly by one of the top government officials.

While these disconcerted aspirants are battling for the soul and anointing of Okorocha, the pioneer Commissioner for Happiness and Purpose fulfillment, Ogechi Ololo, had successfully stolen the show and captured the heart of her brother governor, having extracted his endorsement and preference for her husband, Engr. Chuks Ololo, as governorship candidate. Chuks Ololo from Egbelu Obube in Owerri North LGA, is the one whom the governor’s siblings now prefer to work with following Okorocha’s refusal to support his deputy for 2019. Led by Iyke Okorocha and one Chinwe Obinna from Ngor Okpala, commissioner Ogechi Ololo warmed herself and husband into the heart of Rochas Okorocha when she mobilized no fewer than 5,000 youths and stormed the Governors home under the aegis of “Okorochas mandate 2019”.

Addressing the group which he quickly endorsed for 2019, Rochas Okorocha explained that he is more interested in producing a successor than contesting for presidency or even the senate in 2019 against President Muhammadu Buhari. His pronouncement that he was endorsing “Imo Mandate 2019” as addressed by Ogechi Ololo, has since been interpreted to mean choosing Engr. Chuks Ololo, far and above all others. It is also on record that even since the pronouncement Ololo has been parading as an anointed political heir, to Rochas Okorocha having visited almost all prominent Imo politicians with a donation undisclosed sum. Lately Ololo was quick to host the 305 APC ward chairmen and the LGA executives where he spoilt them with Christmas largesse.

An APC stalwart who saw it all has since accused Okorocha of pampering Uche Nwosu and elevating him economically and financially, going by the type of lavish party organized by Nwosu for APC officials at a time the governor reneged in his claims and promises to pay December salaries to workers.

According to the APC stalwart, the type of money and food items shared to party officials by Uche Nwosu, has never been witnessed in the history of Imo politics. Yet 2019 is yet to come. He is however worried that up till date, Uche Nwosu has not publicly declared his intention to seek election as governor against the likes of Distinguished Senator Ifeanyi Araraume and Sir Jude Ejiogu who had long publicly declared interest to run.

However, the last straw that broke the carmel’s back was when former speaker of Imo State House of Assembly and serving Okigwe Senator, Ben Uwajumogu broke the ice and told the entire world that Okorocha can’t be trusted. He regretted that Governor Okorocha actually breached the agreement reached with Senator Ifeanyi Araraume on 2019, while observing that Rochas Okorocha has not been able to complete any of the initial projects he embarked upon in 2011 including the 27 general hospital projects some of which have been clandestinely sold out to willing buyers simply because the medical consultant was rejected and sent out of the state. Describing Okorocha as running a government built on lies, deceit. Uwajumogu explained that he incurred Okorocha’s wrath the day he advised him to abide by his agreement with Senator Ifeanyi Ararume over the 2019 governorship ticket, and be a man of his words. More expositions are being uncovered.