– Seek refuge in Araraumes Destiny Organization

Governorship aspirants under the Rescue Mission structure or enclave as preferred by Sam Onwuemeodo, but who are not eventually endorsed by the Governor, may not take it lightly with Okorocha and will not continue to remain in the Rescue mission agenda, or the “continuity good governance” as powered by Pastor Frank Onwumere and the “Okorocha mandate group”, recently instituted by Iyke Okorocha and Madam Ogechi Ololo.


Most of the pioneer rescue missionaries whose governorship aspirations date back to the times they supported Rochas Okorocha to seek election as President in 2003 and 2007, are not finding it funny with the unreliable and deceitful attributes of their godfather and principal, who presently seems determined to give them a last minute ditch and shocker. The centre of Rescue Mission enclave appears to have fallen apart that the centre cannot hold, anymore.

Barring last minute change of mind, our source at Government House Owerri, has uncovered secret plans by these gladiators to destabilize the Rescue Mission structure in the event their principal and ultimate benefactor, Rochas Okorocha, does not rescind his desire to endorse one of his inlaws or a complete outsider as candidate of APC in 2019.

Lately, Okorocha while giving reasons why people should not crucify him for presenting and preferring his son inlaw, Uche Nwosu, for the 2019, governorship contest, announced that he has three people in mind including his wife, Nneoma, whom he said would even do better as governor of Imo State than himself.

Though he did not name the third person, not a few Imolites now believe, he meant Engr. Chuks Ololo, his other brother inlaw whose structure, “Rochas Mandate”, was few weeks ago adopted by the Rescue Mission Governor, when Ololo’s wife, Ogechi and Iyke Okorocha forced one Chinwe Obinna of Ngor Okpala to lead about 5,000 youths in a solidarity visit to Ogboko. Since then, Chuks Ololo has been carrying himself as the defacto governor, visiting prominent Imo politicians. A few days ago, precisely on the 2nd of January 2018, the new Imo Council of Traditional Rulers chairman, designate Dr. Chidume Okoro of Obohia Mbaise forced all traditional rulers in Owerri zone to confer a chieftaincy title of “Ome Nneji”, on Chuks Ololo in furtherance of attempts to position him as prospective Governor of Imo State after Rochas Okorocha.

What is paramount now is the infighting by supporters of the various political gladiators under the Rescue Mission enclave. While those of the Deputy Governor are being labeled as saboteurs and plumelled by those of the Chief of Staff, the latest is that most of the victims of Okorocha orchestrated “stab in the back” syndrome and aggrieved Agendees, have opted to empty into the Destiny Organization of Distinguished Senator Ifeanyi Godwin Araraume, thus swearing to tear apart and force into imminent extinction, the “ill-conceived and deceitful Rescue Mission enclave” as called by Sam Onwuemeodo. This probably has heightened fears in the camp with Onwuemeodo begging for reconciliation.

In his recent crocodile tears, Onwuemeodo lamented thus “I am somewhat concerned about the way some of them are going about the whole thing and if they are not made to know, they may end up shooting themselves in the legs, as the case may be”.

Continuing in his futile distress call, and alarm, the unrepentant chorus signer and saboteur of Aro Mbutu, said, “for me anybody-Governor Okorocha supports is my candidate, not minding who he is and where the person comes from. I cannot imagine myself, working and walking the opposite side with the man I am working for. It is not in my character to do such. It does not matter what it will cost me or gain for me now or in the nearest future. The most important thing is that I am on the same page with the man who appointed me his Chief Press Secretary. Even if I leave the government today, I will not follow any other candidate except the one Rochas brings out”.

Talk of the height of sycophancy. Sam Onwuemeodo who was never anywhere close to Agenda 2011 is the one presently educating and lecturing core think-thank and cancus members of Rochas group on what to do.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Chief of Staff and Chairman Bureau for Lands, Uju Kingsley of Ohaji Egbema LGA has taken it upon himself to deal with all those opposed to his boss and benefactor Uche Nwosu.

The latest scenario was the allegation that he sponsored the recent impeachment of Rev Ebomuche by paying each member of APC LGA chapter executive the sum of N50,000 to effect the impeachment of Ebomuche as the LGA chairman of APC in Ohaji Egbema. Rev. Ebomuche was accused of working for senators Ifeanyi Araraume against Governor Okorochas acolytes and surrogates. Ebomuche has however promised to spill the beans on how ISOPADEC funds were frittered award by Rochas, and those who have taken the 13% Imo derivation fund as cash cows, meant to be milked dry and to death before 2019.