The man who spearheaded and led the now historical 2 million man march for Abacha in the 90s, Daniel Kanu has been speaking of his reasons for embarking on the project and has given a hint of his aspiration to have a shot at the governorship seat of Imo state and the way forward for the state irrespective of prevailing zoning arrangement.

Speaking journalists in Owerri, the politician, philanthropist and President of Daniel Kanu Foundation who recently doled out a whooping sum of N100 million for road construction in Orlu and Okigwe senatorial districts contended that the way forward for the nation today is to go back to vision 2010 as envisaged by the Abacha regime.

Chief Kanu who announced plans to mark the 28th anniversary of the controversial 2 million man march for Abacha in March this year, with a two edged programme, revealed that those who were opposed to the Abacha’s transformational and transitional programme were ignorant of his ideals which were meant to move the nation forward as opposed to the stagnant position we have since found ourselves today after twenty eight years of experimentation where there are no prospects for the youths with a dwindling and recession prone mono economy.

He then contended that he had embarked on the Abacha’s 2 million man march because he understood the programme which had prospects for the citizenry especially the youths and that their leader late Abacha had a blue print on how to move the nation forward adding that “you can’t build a house without a blue print or design. If you do the foundation will collapse”.

In his own words, “it is time to go back to what we had on ground, compare Abacha’s regime and the condition of Nigeria presently and you will notice that we had foretold the things that are happening. The best option for Nigeria is to go back to vision 2010 since subsequent administrations have not made impressionable impact on the economy, welfare and security of the citizenry”.

“Today, the dollar exchanges for N360 while at that time the dollar equivalent was only N22 and at no time did fuel pump price go up to N75 but today, we buy fuel at N145 and above.

He stated further that as long as good ideas are foreign to our society, we shall continue to falter, stressing that the Abacha’s leadership had good ideas and he worked with men of ideas which is what we are advocating for today. “Till date, the decision by that regime to constitute National Sovereign Conference (SNC) was right but unfortunately Nigerians did not take adequate advantage of the opportunity. Today the nation is suffering the penalties”, for ignoring the great leadership qualities of Sani Abacha.

Mr. Kanu condemned those who loot or steel public funds even when they know that such stolen money will not be useful to them, eventually for anybody who steals public funds under any guise, when he knows he has no need or use for such money, suffers from insanity.

He went further to indicate that for Imo state, “I advocate a capitalist state which will enable us run its economy using other parameters that are independent of oil money and monthly federal allocations.

I am proposing vision 2030 for the state which is my brain child – the vehicle to drive this now is a new ideal organization established since 2002 and if allowed to govern Imo state, I will instill discipline in the system and our people will be happy. What we need is a credible candidate but not necessarily his zone or origin.

Daniel Kanu who promises to build a bridge between the rich and the poor in Imo and boost the economy with a people oriented agro industrial based economy, is already in APGA.