I don’t mind to die as Rector – Rector Rev (Fr) Wence Madu

By Martin Opara

Some reverend fathers who felt concerned about the constant negative publicity, the Rector of the Imo State Polytechnic Umuagwo Rev. (Fr) Dr. Wence Madu has been receiving recently, were said to have approached him to know what the problem is and why he has refused to leave office, as stipulated in the institution’s rules and guidelines.

They also hinted him on the insult and embarrassment his conduct is causing them as fellow priests and the entire church, and advised him to stop dragging their name in the mud.

Responding, with venom, Dr. Wence asked his colleagues what concerns them about if he leaves office or not. “Are you sure you people are not being envious? What if I decide to die as a Rector? Instead of being happy that one of you is occupying such an exalted position, you are stampeding me to leave”.

Dr. Wence, is also said to have boasted openly on several occasions that he is still on the seat, because he has the governor’s tacit approval, hence nobody can remove him, no matter what he does and how long he stays, contrary to the institutions’ operating guidelines. “He has also embarked on vendetta mission, aimed at witch hunting those who are opposed to his unbridled tenure elongation plot, as some of them are said to have been suspended on trumped up charges, to serve as a deterrent to others”.