What could be described as a move towards the total destruction of the local government system has eventually been unveiled. Reports have it that the conspiracy has since taken a new dimension with the caretaker committee members lacking knowledge of what their assignment is as council bosses, under a nascent democracy.
A visit to some of the council headquarters by this reporter reveals that the Transitional Committee Chairmen are hardly met or available on seat to attend to the plight of the rural dwellers. Instead, they are said to be visiting various groups in the state looking for those to be mobilized to endorse the Chief of Staff to the Governor, Mr. Uche Nwosu.
It was gathered that Okorocha’s son-inlaw, Nwosu had virtually facilitated the appointment of most of the T.C Chairmen and they are loyal to him and will be ready to do anything including assisting him appropriate the councils’ statutory allocation for the purpose of 2019 election when they expect that Uche Nwosu will be the flag bearer of All Progressives Congress, (APC) Imo state chapter.
Prominent amongst them is one Mr. Pascal Onwukaike said to be Uche Nwosu’s personal lawyer and fellow graduate of Imo State University. Onwukaike having hailed from the same Nkwerre LGA as Nwosu and believed to be re-appointed to carry out this hatchet job is not leaving any stone unturned in coordinating these in experienced council bosses. The T.C Chairmen are also on social media cheering every reported endorsement of Uche Nwosu.
You recall that since the inception of the Okorocha’s led government, he has never conducted any local government election leading to almost the total collapse of the third tier of government in Imo. Those appointed to superintend the affairs of the council’s are better described as errand boys, presently taking direct instruction from the Chief of Staff. Those who were selected after careful screening and consultations by the Governor met the conditionalities to be admitted into the club of believers who earnestly yawn for Uche Nwosu.
Reports sourced from the internet have shown that the believers are finding if an upheaval task to continue anyone that zoning is no more relevant in Imo state and that Okorocha can as well hand over to his daughter or wife instead of Nwosu since they possess better qualities. However, those opposed to the huge money now instituted by Okorocha are of the opinion that on no account should any man propagate the virtues of Igbo presidency now that Okorocha has destroyed zoning.