With a fiery opposition like they have in South Africa and ANC turning 360 degrees against him, Jacob Zuma has succumbed to pressure, thrown in the towel and resigned as President. This he did when he discovered he stood no chance to his continued stranglehold to power, going by the criticisms of fiery legislators.
Cyril Ramaphosa, the new leader of ANC, closed the door on Jacob Zuma who has come to be regarded as the most corrupt president South Africa has ever produced. Apart from financial fraud, treasury looting and other anti social indiscretions, Jacob Zuma is grossly immoral, always adding to his number of wives and taking in more concubines.
Unfortunately, this is the man our Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, only few months ago and against wise counsels, celebrated in the city of Owerri. Apart from honouring the man who presided over the worst case of xenophobia during which South Africans were seen in the public killing innocent Nigerians resident and visiting South African cities, he named as street and erected a golden statue for him.
Worst still, even when he was oblivious of the striving of corrupt practices and charges of financial crimes, embezzlement of public funds and outright stealing, leveled against the now disgraced South African former president, Okorocha had on the occasion of unveiling a statue in Owerri erected in honour of Jacob Zuma, eulogized him as his “role model and hero” who rose from nothing to everything, in stardom and prominence.
Jacob Zuma’s resignation owing to pressure from the legislature in what is purely clear separation of powers is coming on the heels of the release of the “Akpuolagi Album” by Ezeugo U. Ezeugo (YADIN). The album tends to rubbish whatever merit that Okorocha has advice as propelling him to erect statues for discredited and irresponsibly reckless leaders.
For interested viewers, the documentary or comedy is available in the market or you call the producer; 08166697613, 09095035358. The video promises to be an interesting one even as the Orlu born producer, Holy Chidi has assured of unveiling the season 2 soon.
Meanwhile, the new ANC leader Cyril Ramaphosa has been sworn in as he substantive president of South Africa signaling that Jacob Zuma is on his way to prison on charges of corruption.