Nimphar Oluchi Ugorji the woman leader of IPOB member, a Registered Professional Nurse, a member of  Catholic women Organization and her children are no where to be found, the Catholic women of Amulu in Owerri IMO State cry out for help and solution.

Following a horrible incident that happened in her house at No 1 Avuvu Road in Owerri North LGA IMO State, when the Nigerian military invaded her house and allegedly burnt it down after the proscription of IPOB ( The Indigenous people of Biafra) as a terrorist group by the Nigerian government. Nimpha Oluchi Ugorji and her children have been missing and no where to be found.  Through our investigation, the residents of Avuvu in Owerri North LGA, The Village leader, neighbors,  colleagues, church members and follow IPOB members said that they have not seen her. “The disappearance of this peaceful lady is giving us sleepless night and we can no longer bear it’.
Speaking with this reporter, Miss Chioma who withheld her name for security reasons said, “the Nigerian military visited Nimphar’ resident and met her absences, they handed a letter to Ms Chioma to give Nimphar when she returns. Ms  Chioma said that she gave Nimphar Ugorji the letter from the Nigerian military and  that was the last day she saw Nimphar Oluchi Ugorji. After some weeks, the same Nigerian military came with their truck in troup to burn her house,  Right now said Ms Chioma I don’t know if  Nimphar Ugorji and her Children are dead or alive”.
All effort to reach the president of Igwenafor IPOB group proved abortive probably due to the brutality of the Nigerian government towards the Peaceful and harmless IPOB members which has put IPOB members in fear. The source further said,”Before this urgly declaration of IPOB group as a terrorist group, Nimphar’s house is been used as a meeting point for IPOB members. However,since  the house was burnt down, we have not seen any IPOB member around her house including the president, maybe we would have gotten an answer about her disappearance.
“We the Catholic women of Amulu  in IMO State is pleading with the Nigerian government, the military, and the police to please realize Nimphar Oluchi Ugorji and her Children if she is alive and under your costody because we know how you have been brutalizing the IPOB member or give us her dead body if she is still alive so that we can burry her.”