HRH Eze (Elder) Josiah Osuji, the Traditional Ruler of Obi Mbieri Autonomous Community in Mbaitoli L.G.A of Imo State has debunked a news report published online by and other Media houses accusing him of stopping the burial of his uncle’s wife, one Mrs. Loice Osuji. 

In the said publication, one Adolphus Osuji, a son of the deceased had alleged that the said paramount Ruler hired over twenty thugs to stop the burial arrangement of his Uncle’s wife.

Speaking to newsmen at his palace, the said traditional Ruler expressed deep disappointment over the said news, while stating that Adolphus Osuji has not told him that his mother is dead letalone fixing a date for her burial. 

The said Traditional Ruler wondered how he will stop a burial of the said Mrs. Loice Osuji when he is not aware of her death. The Traditional Ruler wondered why the said Adolphus Osuji could make such derogatory publications against his person especially his comment describing him as a “foster son” of the Osuji lineage.

“This same Adolphus Osuji has tremendously benefitted from my largesse. All my buildings in Nigeria he built. All my goods and businesses he managed and supervised. All importations my companies makes, he was in charge. He was like my manager, my chief of staff. When he contested and won his councillorship election I funded it. I take care of their family in everything. He has made over N200 million naira from me but ask me today what he used the money to do,nothing! He could not build a house in the village neither does he have a land or compound in the village.He goes around telling people that my family locked him out. How? When he has no house in my compound. His only grudge against me is that I told him and his brothers together with their mother to make available to me all the 14 big landed properties of my father in their custody, handed over to their own father to hold for me on trust till I grow up. Now that I have grown up I have come to them to demand for those lands. All they told me is that their father is my father’s son and that myself is a Foster son and so the properties in their custody is their fathers property when their father late Ebenezar and my own father Osuji Agbakaeme has no blood relationship of any kind. The said Ebenezar was my fathers Servant those days by virtue of which position he knew everything about my father Osuji Agbakaeme including his properties. I was only about three years when my mother died and my elder sister ,Mrs comfort took me to lagos. In my absence over the years as a toddler my father late Osuji Agbakaeme handed over all his landed properties to their Father Ebeneza to hold for me on trust. Today they don’t want to hand over same to me. They want to hold unto the said 14 lands and many more yet to identify. They have even sold many and misusing the money. They took their mother having shelter in one of my houses inside my compound for years and ran away so that the woman will not show me the lands. Now they are accusing me of stopping the burial of their mother(my uncles wife). Is their mother dead?. Have they fixed the burial? Indeed I am not aware. Its unfortunate that Adolphus started a media propaganda and blackmail with defamatory comments against my person especially when this matter is in ongoing at the Imo state High Court. He wants me dead so that they will intimidate, harass and threatening my children and entire family and by so doing will finally take my fathers inheritance and probably sell them off as they have been doing. I did not stop any burial with any thugs. I am not aware of any such burial. To the best of my knowledge no wife of my uncle died. If any I have not been notified.As traditional Ruler the IGP of police upon application gave me armed police men providing maximum security for my family and palace. What then do I need thugs for. My regret is that all my efforts to make the said Adolphus somebody met brick walls and that’s why he continues to see my fathers inheritance as his only means of survival. I advise him to stop all these blackmail against my person because same will not make him a son of my father Osuji Agbakaeme or make him partake in the sharing of the family properties”.