One of the contenders to the governorship seat of Imo State on the platform of Action Alliance party, Evang Myke Ikoku who recently dragged Uche Nwosu to an Owerri High Court over the authentic flag bearer of the party to contest the March 9, 2019 governorship election, has declared that he has no personal grouse with the defendant who he said is his kins man,except for political, differences.

“My ambition is how to serve Imo and its citizens as no one has paid me to undo another for selfish monetary rewards as it is being speculated by mischief makers”, he said.

Ikoku had approached the Owerri High Court to determine the rightful owner of certificate of return to re-present the Action Alliance in the coming election, debunked rumours making rounds that he has been paid to destabilize the erstwhile Chief of Staff to the Imo Governor of Imo State, stating that there is no iota of truth in such rumours.

“Uche Nwosu knows the truth that nobody can easily push me over. We are from the same constituency, and have no reasons whatsoever to undermine his political interest.

The suit filed at the court was not for public consumption except perhaps that a reporter was at the court premises and stumbled on the matter” he stated.

He also added thus I’m not someone who believes in media litigations. “Uche Nwosu is from my place.I will not like to be a stumbling block to his governorship ambition neither will I like anyone to be a stumbling block to my own political ambitions”, which is exactly what Uche Nwosu has done without bitting an eyelid.

Speaking to our correspondent on a telephone interview, Mr Ikoku who is the proprietor of All Seasons Hotels and mini relaxation longue Owerri, declared; I contributed immensely to the re-election of Governor Okorocha in 2015, I am no push-over and nobody can buy me with money or a plate of porridge hence the insinuation about being used by someone is unfounded.

Rather “I am a critical stakeholder in Imo project and major investor in Imo State economy hence I represent a sizeable majority of Imo citizenry”. Stating further, he said if I did not open that area of New Owerri the area would have remained fallow and impassable till date. The government and people of Imo State owe me alot of gratitude as a trail blazer.

“The matter is in court for determination and adjudication is purely political and not personal in my view,” he concluded.