There are reports that the Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma, may for a number of reasons not re-constitute his cabinet soon. One of the reasons for the envisaged delay is the fact that he is still in court where the legitimacy of his emergence for a second term in office, is being contested.

The second reason for the imminent delay in constituting the cabinet is the notion that the Governor spent so much in his bid to get a second tenure and needs to recoup his expenses.

The third reason, according to impeccable sources, is the need to keep those who worked tirelessly to ensure his victory at the polls perpetually expectant and hopeful.

The source, further stated that, “from the way things are going, those of them who contributed to the Governor’s victory at the polls are happy that he emerged for a second term, but have lost hope of being reappointed, in view of the Governor’s speech shortly after his inauguration.

“The Governor has many interest groups and stakeholders to pacify, unlike in his first tenure, when nobody believed that he would emerge as the Governor of Imo State, except the few people with whom he worked closely. But now, there are many people who invested their money, time and energy to ensure his re-election. That is why most of his former aides who are expecting to be reappointed may be hoping and waiting in vain”.

Meanwhile, there are reports that the Governor has instructed security men at the Government House to restrict the entrance of visitors to his office, irrespective of the status of such visitors to reduce pressure.

“There is presently much anxiety and suspense. The Governor seldom responds to phone calls, except from the few confidants who he knows that he would reappoint either in person or by proxy”.