Following the recent alarm raised by the governor, Rochas Okorocha that his detractors have concluded plans to arrest him immediately after his tenure, his closest confidants most of who were allegedly directly involved in the diversion of public funds have become more jittery even more than the governor.

It was gathered that one of the measures taken by the already frightened oppointees is to drive unofficial vehicles,maintain low profile and not spending much time in the office.

According to a government house source who doesn’t want to be mentioned, the likes of Dr Pascal Obi, former Principal Secretary to the Governor and House of Representatives member-elect for Ideato South and North; Chike Okafor, currently the House of Representatives member for Okigwe South and former commissioner of Finance under whose tenure it was alleged he went into suspicious loan deal with zenith Bank have perfected plans to either expose the Governor or dump him and switch camps in order to avoid arrest for fraud.

Others are Hon Lawrence Eburuo; currently the Imo Commissioner for Land. It is alleged that all the lands racketeering perfected by Okorocha were done under his tenure and watch, though not without the approval of the Governor.

Miss Chinyere Uwandu, who claims to be a lawyer is said to be more notorious than every other female appointee of the present administration. She was among those allegedly arrested by governor Okorocha in 2018 at the International Conference centre over diversion mony amounting to billions, which belonged to the state pension management fund.

Both Chinyere Uwandu and Eburuo are said to be governor Okorocha’s Proxies in both United State of America and United Kingdom.

Even though the said Chinyere Uwandu was accused by Governor Okorocha of stealing not less than N650 Million from the state pension fund, she has continued hold sensitive positions in the government of Rochas Okorocha.

Lately, she was appointed and sworn in as Commissioner despite outcries by pensioners that she deliberately and fraudulently depleted Imo pension fund and force the retirees to their early graves.

The government house source also revealed that some of the present and former Commissioners have started making frantic efforts to secure visa overseas in order to avoid EFCC arrest”.

Unfortunately, majority of these commissioners didn’t know they were used to perfect dirty deals. They had believed that with the governor’s clout, it will be impossible for any graft agencies to quiz or arrest them”, he revealed.

Unlike before, the Governor has admitted that EFCC is after him and his family members for alleged primitive accumulation of wealth.

Meanwhile, the former accountant general, Stella Udogu who is alleged to still be receiving almost the salary she received while in the office has long left the state.

Our source revealed that Mrs Udogu has since been in Abuja.She is said to have defrauded the state huge sum of money while serving as accountant general.