The speaker of Imo State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Chiji Collins, has incurred the wrath of some government agencies, parastatals and institutions, over what they described as outrageous, unrestrained and incessant requests made on daily basis, for the automatic employment of his siblings, relations, mutual friends and loyalists.

It was gathered that the Speaker has virtually sent out letters seeking to have some of his supporters employed in all the establishments, operating in Imo State. Some of these letters have his signature, others dont.

Our source revealed that some of his personal aides have caught in the attempt to allegedly defraud job seekers, with promise that they would be offered automatic employment once they pay a certain amount of money.

Some of the parastals are said to have received over 30 names from Hon. Chiji Collins.

A source at the House of Assembly, who pleaded anonymity had argued that at a time when government is yet to stabilize, Chiji is busy sending out names for employment and subtly intimidating heads of such establishments, parastatals and agencies to either subscribe and oblige him or have themselves to blame.

It was the opinion of some observers that the office of the Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly is deep into job racketeering with unsuspecting and helpless applicants ripped-off of their parents and guardians hard earned money on promise of automatic employment.