By Onyinyechi Kanu

The coordinator and executive of a newly formed non-political association in Imo State, “the Concerned Imo Citizens”, Comrade Daniel Duru, yesterday paid a courtesy visit to Community Watchdog Newspaper establishment, to appreciate the Publisher of Community Watchdog Newspaper, Comrade Precious Nwadike, for his sacrifice and selfless service to bring good governance in Imo State.

Speaking during the visit, Duru said that the Association is a group that is interested in good governance in our great state, which objective is to monitor what the government is doing, both in its programmes and policy implementation and execution, applaud them where necessary, also criticize and condemn them where it negatively affects the people, hence its slogan “Concerned Imo Citizens for Good Governance”.

Continuing, Comrade Duru said that, it is not enough for Imo citizens to perform their civic responsibility by voting during general election, then go home to relax, ‘if we really want to make impact in our society, we don’t just vote and relax, we must make sure that those we voted for, deliver those promises that made us vote for them”, he started.

He added that people do more of praise singing than to criticize the government in their wrong doings, stating that it is why their is bad governance in Imo State and no other government in Imo state has come close to the achievements of the former Imo State governor, late Sam Mbakwe.

According to him, because of these issues of bad governance and desire to make a change, “we started to mobilize people and to create awareness of this association “Concerned Imo Citizens”. We can’t wait until 2023, for us we are not like groups that every electioneering year, they , will spring up.

Continuing, Duru said that “Concerned Imo Citizens” is an association that will help to create a political awareness, and the people understand the power they have that the office of the average citizen is more powerful than the office of a public servant, which prompted them to pay a visit to those who have interest in bringing good governance and there is no how anyone can mention those who can stand to challenge a system for the good of the people without mentioning Comrade Precious Nwadike.

Reaching to the speeches made by the state coordinator, Duru Daniel and Chinyere Anosike , Comrade Precious Nwadike, who is the Publisher of Community Watchdog Newspaper, thanked them for their visit.

He expressed worry that politicians always have a way of infiltrating this kind of pro-democracy group. He advised them to remain resolute in their pursuit for good governance.

In her vote of thanks,Comrade Chinyere Anosike, the Secretary of the Association of thanked Nwadike for his advice and promised that the Association will be sustained and will never let anyone hijack it.