Mike Nwachukwu’s Senatorial ambition appears to be gathering more momentum as notable politicians across party lines have begun to identify with the ambition.

Nwachukwu who few days ago succumbed to pressure by political elite in Owerri  to join the Accord Party was over the weekend declared winner of the Accord party Senatorial primaries and as such, set to contest for Owerri Zone Senate under the said party’s umbrella.

Since the declaration of Nwachukwu, some notable politicians in Owerri have not only left their individual parties to join Accord but have unveiled their plans to support what they described as a clarion call to salvage Owerri Zone from ineffective and inefficient representation.

One of such political gladiators who dumped the ruling party, the APC to support Nwachukwu is the indomitable Chief Emma Meziem who few days ago did not only join Accord from the APC but accepted his appointment as the Director-General of Nwachukwu’s Senatorial Campaign Organization.

Speaking to Journalists Tuesday in Owerri, the Mbaitoli born politician, Chief Emma Meziem Onwusoro, who was the Chief Mobilizer for Distinguished Senator Chris Anyanwu in her 2011 successful Senatorial election revealed that his dumping the ruling party for Accord as well as accepting to handle Mike Nwachukwu’s Senatorial Campaign as the Director General was to contribute his quota in restoring effective and an all-inclusive representation in Owerri Zone pointing out that Mike Nwachukwu remains the only candidate endowed with all that it takes to offer effective representation to the good people of Imo East Senatorial District as well as change the narrative in Owerri Zone.

Onwusoro who was the Director of Operations for Distinguished Senator Samuel Anyanwu Senatorial election in 2015 disclosed that to enthrone and restore effective Representation do not require sending an activist or money bag to the Senate rather those who understand the workings of the Senate as well as those who have at their finger tips on the problems of the Owerri Zone.

The Senate is not a place for activists neither it is a place to showcase one’s wealth but a place of lawmaking, he said.

Describing Nwachukwu as the best for Owerri Zone, Onwusoro revealed that the Accord Party candidate won outright, the Senatorial election of Owerri Zone in 2019 but was robbed. 

He noted with the passage of the new Electoral Act by the National Assembly no such open daylight robbery of election results will take place again.

“Those of them plotting to repeat what they did in the last election would never have their way this time around as the most popular candidate must win” he said.

Describing Nwachukwu as a grassroot politician, the DG made it clear that some of the said candidates in the race do not know where Owerri Zone starts and ends let alone the problems of the people but Mike Nwachukwu toured the 104 INEC Wards in Owerri in the run up to the 2019 election and hence he understands, the problems as well as the aspirations of the Constituents.