– Monarch,PG fight dirty, one hospitalized 

By Anselem Anokwute 

The Traditional ruler of Amawuhie Ubomiri Autonomous Community, HRH Eze Clifford Amadi and his President General, Hon Emma Duru, have put an indelible red mark or shock waves in the council headquarters Nwaoriubi last Wednesday, July 29th, 2020, during the distribution of the last batch of Imo State government sponsored Covid-19 palliatives across the 27 Councils.

Fight broke out when the President General, Hon. Emma Duru (now in the hospital) accused Eze Clifford Amadi of compromise in the sharing of all the palliatives coming to the community since the resurgence of the world dreaded pandemic Coronavirus otherwise known as Covid-19. Instead of applying dialogue in the resolution of the confrontation, the Eze applied his working stick in an attempt to pluck off Hon Emma Duru’s left eye but missed his target to hit him on the cheek causing a severed wound and also on the leg resulted to the Council Chairman, Hon John Ekeh to assist in the separation of the fight before the PG, Hon Duru slumped and was quickly taken to a nearby hospital.

Investigation revealed that, Hon Emma Duru and the Traditional ruler have been in a battle of wits and personality clash since January 2020, a matter that was finally settled by the Mbaitoli council Authorities in collaboration with the DSS on June 8th, 2020, where it was resolved that Hon Emma Duru be allowed to serve out his tenure which will end on December 31, 2020.

A visit to Hon Emma Duru who is currently at the Orodo Orthopedic Tradio medical hospital Orodo, Mbaitolu, after the stitching of his cheek to correct the dislocation orchestrated by the assault from the monarch, showed the President General is in severe pains and agony.

In his response, Eze Clifford Amadi said that Hon Duru has been causing a lot of trouble in his community and declared that he will soon get him arrested for making an uncomplimentary statement against him including calling him a fraudulent man in a public gathering.

The Chairman of the council, Hon John Ekeh, had prior to the fight, presented the palliative materials to the councilors and the ward leaders in Mbaitoli where he commended the Governor, Senator Hope Uzodimma for his magnanimity and steadfastness in tackling the worlds most dreaded pandemic, Covid-19 and and effective distribution of palliative and urged the leaders to ensure that the relief materials really get to the very vulnerable people for whom they were donated and not the elite like Eze and PG, who can cater for their families comfortably.