By Martin Opara

The former Executive Director of Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), Engr. Sam Amadi, has taken a swipe at members of the National Assembly for lack of diligence, insensitivity and legislative incompetence for approving the CAMA and BOFI bills that culminated in their being signed into law.

He wondered how,“a legislature that is worth it’s onion would grant officials of the Central Bank of Nigeria immunity from judicial review or pass a law that grants the Corporate Affairs Commission the power to remove or appoint trustees of religious institutions in a country where religion and politics are intermingled. Why were such exclusive powers not bestowed on courts of competent jurisdiction that have enshrined due process protections?”

He frowned at the attitude of some uninformed people, who, out of ignorance and need for pecuniary benefits assess legislators’ competence by how often they share palliatives, distribute motorcycles or dispense N5,000 periodically, instead of the quality of people-oriented laws they make and how they affect the masses. “It is time we realized that good laws promote freedom and an economy that enables us find gainful employment and make decent wages and incomes four our families are far better than occasional palliatives that are neither here nor there”.

“Let us, henceforth resolve to elect legislators who have the time and capacity to read draft bills carefully before accenting, to avoid waking up one day to hear that a law that transfers our lives existence to our enemies has been enacted while we are busy licking lollipop and hailing “capacity, capacity”.