The campaign train of Chief Emmanuel Okewulonu (Ikeoha Gburugburu, the Supriser Okigwe) on Tuesday September 1st 2020 stormed Okigwe LGA, then to Onuimo LGA and finally ended the day’s activity in Isiala Mbano LGA.

In Okigwe, Ikeoha as fondly called was received amid cheers and ovations from the leaders and party faithful in Okigwe LGA. 
The people spoke on the deplorable conditions of Okigwe zone, especially the roads and lack of development in the area and assured Ikeoha of their support, saying that  he is the man they need.

According to them, they want primary election, not consensus candidate.They said,”we want a man with capacity to do it.We are confident that with Okewulonu as Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, party is sure of victory at the general election”.

Speaking further, they said that IKEOHA GBURUGBURU has all it takes to challenge whoever will emerge from other political parties.They promised Ikeoha that they will vote for him and that this is not time for betrayal, sentiment or diversification of interests.

In Onuimo LGA,Ikeoha was received with a 21 gun salute amid cheers and overwhelming ovations.As the People of Onuimo spoke with one voice that in this Okigwe senatorial bye election, one man that perfectly fits into the Leadership equation that will bring about cohesion in the party and the zone, embark on massive provision of social amenities and infrastructural development , lead Okigwe people with the fear of God and has respect for the rule of law, embrace every progressive opinions for or against Is CHIEF Emmanuel Okewulonu, IKEOHA GBURU GBURU and as such they are solidly behind him.

In Isiala Mbano, Ikeoha was received triumphantly as a worthy son and regarded as “nwa nwa” that is a role model worthy of emulation.
The PDP faithful in Isiala Mbano assured Ikeoha of their maximum support,saying Isiala Mbano is Ikeoha’s second home and as such he should feel at home.

Different speakers who spoke attested to the kind of person Ikeoha is, saying he is capable, reliable, dependable and suitable. 
Ikeoha while speaking at the various LGAs formerly informed the party leaders and PDP members of this aspiration and intention to fly the party’s flag during the coming senatorial election in Okigwe zone and what the party stand to gain from his candidature. He solicited the support members of the entire Okigwe North in the upcoming primary election of PDP and assured them of his readiness to win the election.

The Supriser as his also fondly called assured Ndi Okigwe North of quality representation built on massive human capacity development and empowerment and having proven to be a dogged fighter and competent enough to challenge his opponents from other parties,and more also stands as the best for the interest of Okigwe zone in this critical time that our  zone is in dare need of a supriser to surprise them with projects and visible representation.

Ikeoha Gburugburu was very happy and excited with the way Ndi Okigwe North entirely welcomed him in their respective LGAs both the leaders and the delegates and in his words *”Umunne m na Umunna m ndi Okigwe, I greet you all, please let me tell you here an how, I am not having hunger to be a Senator, but am having hunger to serve & save Okigwe zone and make Okigwe to be better, am not here for campaign, time shall come for campaign, please am here to beg you to vote for me on Saturday, September 5th, during the PDP primary election. Already, I have purchased all the forms for all the ad-hoc Committee members in Okigwe zone, and other forms necessary, not because I have more than others, no, but simply because I don’t want my people to be spending money while I can afford it, at least save the money for other things.Please and please, I need your votes, I have all that is required to represent you at the Senate and I promise you, when I become your Senator, I will do a lot of things to prove to you that “there’s a Senator and there’s a SENATOR”.

Ikeoha commended the Chairmen, Excos and the leaders of the party in the 3 LGAs in Okigwe North for being committed loyalists of PDP and further urged them to put more effort in spreading the Ikeoha message to the grassroots of their respective LGAs in other to achieve the desired result of PDP winning the Senatorial bye election in Okigwe Zone.

Some of the dignitaries in Ikeoha’s entourage includes:Rt. Hon. Lawman Duruji, Hon. Mrs. Vivian Echeruo, Hon. Isiopi, Hon. Ojiakor, Elder Imocha Loginus, Ezeugo, Chief Blessing Osuagwu, Ogirisi, Elder Ken Nwosu, Hon. Ugoo Nwosu, Comr. Sampson Ajachukwu, Chief M.C Orjiakor, Chief MacDonald Ogoke, Hon. Elizabeth Ineh and a host of others too numerous to mention.