The Imo State Chapter of People Democratic party(PDP) has reacted in condemnation of the vehicle gifts for commissioners and other appointees by governor Hope Uzodinma.

In a release signed by the State Publicity secretary of the party, Ogubundu Nwadike and made available to Newsmen in Owerri yesterday, the party described the governor’s action as misplaced priority, saying that the governor’s aides are undeserving of such gifts which they also described as a Greek gifts with primary aim of hoowinking the Imo electorate said to be already impoverished by the APC government.

The release reads in part,”Our great Party feels it was an unfair parting gift to undeserving select loyalists and apologists of Uzodimma’s, in view of the uncertainty of the metamorphosing political climate in the State.
This Party finds it most appalling that under the inhuman circumstances of non-payment of salaries and pensions in the State, this regime could afford to embark on an economically inappropriate and indeed wasteful policy decision of procuring scores of vehicles for political appointees.

Our Party notes with great dismay that at a time other States of the federation are strategizing on thrift and prudence, owing to the lingering realities of the Covid-19 pandemic, the regime in Imo State can afford to place purchase orders and take delivery of vehicles under payment terms and conditions that further mortgages the economic and financial future of our dear State. Instructively, Covid-19 pandemic, which this regime has tendered as excuse for its lacklustre performance, did not stop the regime from buying those vehicles on credit.

This Party has it in good authority that the vehicles, which were procured at prices that are 300% the real cost of the vehicles, are yet to be paid for. Our Party, therefore, challenges this regime to make public the cost at which the vehicles were procured, with other necessary information, and prove that the vehicles have been paid for.

This Party does not see any economic wisdom in this regime staking about N1 billion in a poor retrogressive policy like gifting political appointees with vehicles, at a time nothing works in the State. Workers are not paid salaries. Those that are purportedly paid very low fractions of their salaries. Ditto, retirees are not paid pensions. Those that are purportedly paid, only get dying pensions far below their due pension entitlements.

Our Party has concluded that the entire razzmatazz display is a tragicomic drama and an unnecessary petty play to gallery that has become characteristic of this regime. Why this regime chooses to toy with the sensibilities, welfare and well-being of Imo people still baffles this Party.
Our Party, therefore, wishes to use this medium to charge this regime to endeavour to set its priorities right and consciously consider delivering quality good governance to the people of Imo State. This Party unequivocally State here that this regime’s leadership style remains unacceptable whereby it plays circus, while nothing works in the State.
All our Party is saying in essence is that this regime should ensure that Imo workers and pensioners are paid 100% of their due salaries and pensions as and when due, that Imo roads are duly constructed, and basic social amenities provided for Imo people in the right quality and quantity. Only doing that would be good enough for the people”.