In the spirit of Nigeria’s 60th Independence Anniversary Chief Mbazulike Amaechi, of Anambra State a Trade Unionist and the only surviving Minister of the First Republic has equivocally advised Nigerian Youths to stop being cowards and fight corrupt leaders who are determined to destroy their future. 

Visualizing the memory lane, he recalled that Nigeria was doing great before the Military masterminded several Coup d’ etat that have now generated all manners of problems including treasury looting, outright stealing, corruption, vandalization, killings and bribery.

According to Mbazulike who spoke newsmen from his home, Military administration introduced bad governance, into the annals of history of our nation after accusing civilians of mismanagement and self aggrandizement. 

He condemned the level of embezzlement of funds done by our leaders these days, “Nnamdi Azikiwe was Premier of Eastern Region for 6 years and President of Nigeria for 6years but he did not possess or procure lands and properties using public funds. He was only concerned about the growth and development of Nigeria as a Nation, not in personal primitive wealth acquisition. I was a Minister for six years, go and check if I have buildings and houses, all over the place. These days a Minister will possess the whole of Abuja within three Months of assuming office”’, he said.

He subsequently urged Nigerian Youths to resist bad governance anywhere they see it including at the LGA level and fight wicked and ruthless political leaders. “The Youths are not matured and brave enough to attack these mean politicians that are rampantly stealing and destroying the Nation. When I was a youth, I was at the Forefront fighting for the good of Nigeria. We have done our own in our own time, do your own, this is your time”’, he stated.