Irked by the recent newspaper publications which appeared on the front page of Nigeria Newspoint Newspaper of Monday November 2, which  cast aspersions on the personality of the newly appointed acting Executive Secretary of the Imo State Education Management Board (SEMB) Dr (Mrs) Thecla Adaugo Nwanebo, a pro-democracy and good governance group has risen to defend and applaud the appointment as appropriate. They therefore berated those behind that sinister media publication, describing them as ignorant and unpatriotic fellows.

The release which  was signed by the president of the coalition Comrades Chukwuma Onuoha as President  and reads full as follows;   

“The attention of Imo Youths for Transparency in Government, (IYTRAG) has been drawn to another failed clandestine attempt by enemies of the 3RS government to paint the performing administration of Senator Hope Uzodinma black. This time around, they are venting their frustrations over the well thought out programs of the commissioner for education, Prof BTO Ikegwuoha to address the decay in the educational sector in Imo state.

The purveyors of this obvious falsehood as published  on the front page of Nigeria Newspoint Newspaper of Monday, October 2,2020 cast aspersions on the person and personality of the new Acting Executive Secretary of SEMB, Dr. (Mrs.) Thecla Adaugo Nwanebo.

As a pro-democracy and good governance group preoccupied with raising awareness on issues of due process and welfare of our people, we would not have bothered ourselves joining issues with those behind the said publication but for the interest of the reading public and our determination to stand by the government anytime it takes popular decision. Our resolve is to set the records straight. 

“An Igbo adage says that, “anyone who did not participate at a burial, could exhume the body from the legs”. We strongly point out that, this misinformation was orchestrated by a  group of myopic, parochial and uninformed mischief makers. The noble intentions of the Executive Governor of Imo State, Dist. Senator Hope Uzodinma and the Honorable Commissioner for Education, Prof. B.T.O. Ikegwuoha cannot be undermined by this deliberate provocative spread of very misleading information about the emergence of Dr. (Mrs.) Thecla Adaugo Nwanebo, as Acting Executive Secretary of SEMB. 

IYTRAG views the appointment of Nwanebo as unbiased with no modicum of favoritism as peddled by the uninformed and greedy individuals who had wished the old order characterised  with bribery and corruption was maintained. We have no doubt that the new acting education Secretary, being a Ph.D holder and one who grew on the job will move the SEMB forward. 

Contrary to the reports in the said Newspaper, all necessary and required processes for the selection of a credible and capable candidate for such an Executive Office were strictly adhered to. 

IYTRAG observed that the Commissioner, in his capacity, could have asserted his veto power, but he did not. He allowed the decision of the panel set up to investigate all the serving Directors in the Board, to be implemented. At the time, the current Acting Executive Secretary was found to be the most qualified Director; having met all the required criteria. She was found worthy in character, learning and integrity, and hence she was considered most suitable for the job. 

Facts available to us indicate that the Acting Executive Secretary of Secondary Education Management Board, Owerri, she had a humble beginning; having started her career as a Classroom teacher in 1995. 

Nwanebo taught Chemistry for 10 years, before being transferred to the Board, as demanded by the then Imo State Government. She worked as an Administrative Officer for 13 years, during which she handled various schedules and responsibilities. She rose to the level of Deputy Director in 2014, was made Director of Schools in 2018 and was posted to SEMB, Orlu Zone II, Mgbidi. She is Dr. (Mrs.) Thecla Adaugo Nwanebo (B. Sc., M.Ed., Ph. D). 

We call on the media to always verify their facts before going to press. Multi-skilled journalists of the 21st Century ought to fulfill the basic tasks of seeking and processing information and most importantly, investing much time in verifying events presented, without bias, thereby uncovering half-truths or false and misleading information.

The proponents are clearly oblivious of the facts that, most recently appointed Directors were duly interviewed by a panel, which included the Hon. Commissioner for Education; that those with certificate irregularities were investigated, sanctioned and not selected for the exalted position of the Executive Secretary; that the Acting Executive Secretary earned her Ph.D as far back as December, 2014 and as such should be addressed as Dr. (Mrs.) T.A. Nwanebo; and that the immediate past Executive Secretary is still addressed as Barr. (Mrs.) E. I. O. Anyikude.

The Acting Executive Secretary is a sound technocrat and runs an open door policy. We profoundly appreciate the Hon. Commissioner, Prof. B. T. O. Ikegwuoha for maintaining a firm stand in order to clean the rot in SEMB and move the school system forward”.