The leadership of the (APC) authentic and legally recognized faction of Imo APC led by Mr. Dan Nwafor has described Chief Marcelinus Nlemigbo as a tumour that has been exorcised or extracted judicially from the party. This was contained in a press release authored by the state Publicity Secretary of the party, Mr. Onwuasoanya FCC Jones.

According to the release dated November 11, 2020, any news medium or organization recognizing or identifying with the embattled Nlemigbo as chairman of Imo APC is misleading. He advised that Nlemigbo as caretaker committee chairman must be ignored and discountenanced with henceforth. The release states as follows.

“The All Progressives Congress, (APC) Imo State is aware of a piece of fake news syndicated across some local newspapers, purporting that Chief Marcelinus Nlemigbo was ever or still is, the Chairman of the Party in the State. Obviously, the characters behind that piece of misinformation have been rudely awoken to the fact that their ship is sinking and they are desperately looking for the smallest straws to claw at.

The truth is that in the eyes of the law, Chief Marcelinus Nlemigbo has never been the State Chairman of the All Progressives Congress in Imo State. His purported appointment as Caretaker Chairman was in contempt of a subsisting Court order, and the most recent Court of Appeal judgment which threw out their application seeking to appeal the 18th August 2018 judgment of Justice Othman Musa has sealed his fate as an impostor, who should rather than keep disturbing the peace of the Party, should go back to his ward and resolve his problems with his ward leadership who had recommended his expulsion from the party.

We wish to reassure all stakeholders, Party members and the general public, that the tumour that Chief Nlemigbo represented in our Party has been successfully extracted by the judiciary, and our Party is in the process of healing from the pains inflicted on her in these past months.

We restate our call on all Party members and leaders to come together to rebuild our Party in the State and reposition her for better performances, going forward”.