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Imo Deputy Speaker Fighting Me For Signing His Impeachment- Obiefule

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·        Says members now live in fear, denies media report

A ranking member of the Imo State house of assembly and lawmaker for Isu state constituency, Hon Mrs Ngozie Obiefule has expressed concern over plot by the Deputy Speaker and member representing Nwangele state constituency in the Imo State house of assembly, Hon Amara Iwuanyanwu to frustrate, undo and subject her to bankruptcy by ensuring that she is denied her entitlements and at the same time label her an enemy of the state government for the singular reason that I ,like many others supported his impeachment. 

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Hon Obiefule who disclosed this while addressing journalists in her residence stated that following the death of her husband and accompanying shock, she is now   subjected to periodic medical checkup.

“For the past three months, I have been denied the role I was given by my constituents to be their voice and mouth piece. My constituents have also been denied the opportunity of being represented in the house of assembly and by extension in government.

I am not in the house of assembly on my own accord but because I have the mandate of my people whose interest I am supposed to advocate and protect.

My constituents whose right to representation have been denied for the past three months are  neither happy nor comfortable with the situation.”

Commenting on the allegation that they were suspended for engaging in unparliamentarily conduct, the Isu lawmaker who sometime ago offered 9 of her constituents scholarship to pursue their Masters degree programmes abroad said, “I have not engaged in any unparliamentarily conduct since I became a member of the house of assembly. On the contrary, we were accused of not being present in the house the day the budget was presented without finding out why I was absent.

“I asked for and was granted permission to attend the burial of a friend of mine whose mother was being buried on that day.”

Responding to a question, the lawmaker who is said to have offered her constituents quality and effective representation said, “if you are on suspension, you are denied all your allowances which rule they made to get at us . But that is not why I am addressing the press.

“I woke up this morning and saw a screaming banner headline in one of the newspapers saying that, “Ngozi Obiefule raises alarm over Arthur Egwims disappearance.” The funny thing about it is that the newspaper that carried the information does not come out on Tuesday but on Wednesday, which means that the whole thing was designed and concocted with the aim of maligning me and expose me to danger” even when I did not grant such interview to any journalist or newspaper.

The deputy Speaker who has accused me of being behind the report also said that I am not loyal to the Governor Uzodinma administration as if he has a thermometer with which to measure ones loyalty and otherwise.”

“As far as I am concerned, it is only when I fail to deliver my local government area that my loyalty can be questioned or subjected to scrutiny”

“It is unfortunate that, I am not an Owerri politician but a grounded grassroots politician with mass followership. Much as I have tremendous respect for constituted authority, I take exception to any person blackmailing me to achieve selfish objectives or score cheap political points.

In the past few months, ten members of the Imo state house of assembly have gone on suspension for one reason or the other. This has never happened in the history of this state. Besides, since I was suspended nobody has called me or set up a committee to hear from me with a view to addressing the issue or initiate the process of recalling us if necessary. This is not how things are done or should be done.

But because somebody is behind the whole thing, using gossip, falsehood, etc to tarnish other peoples image. I have kept silent for so long but when the just keep quiet, evil thrives.”

“The spirit of camederie that formerly pervaded the house has disappeared as everybody now lives in fear of the unknown.”

Hon Obiefule said she has told the newspaper that carried the story to do a retraction that should also be a banner headline or she would institute legal action against them to serve as a deterrent to others.


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