This is because, despite all that wealth, fame, notoriety and connections, Dr. Philip Njemanze has continued to thrash the trio of Rochas Okorocha, his proxy Hon. Robert Ekwebelm of Onuimo LGA and the proprietor of Empire Energy in court. 

On 16/11/2020 the HOW Court 7 holden in Owerri before Hon Justice KK Ojiakor heard the case  in a motion by Hon. .  The court asserted the rightful ownership of the parcel of land by Prof Philip Njemanze.

The latest in the judgment of an Owerri High Court in Suit HOW/919/2013, delivered on Monday November 16, 2020 in favour of Dr. Philip Njemanze over the ownership of all that sprawling estate where Empire Energy facilities are located.Robertson Ekwebelem and Royal Rondek Nig Ltd had approached the court seeking to set aside the judgement on the case entered on the 28th Day 2019 between Dr Philip Njemanze vs IMSG, and others

The land in dispute is at the present location of Empire Energy Station. The motion to set aside the judgement was summarily dismissed by Hon Ojiakor for lack of merit. The petitioner Hon Ekwebelem failed to show reason why the court would grant him such relief.

Following the verdict, Dr. Philip Njemanze who was visibly excited said to our reporter”, please join me to thank, the most High God for giving me victory today in the High Court, as Hon. Ekwebelem who challenged my earlier victory in court was today disgraced. Justice Orjiako dismissed his application. Hon Robert Ekwebelem left the court in tears”.

It will be recalled that on August 6, 2020, the Nigeria Watchdog Newspaper Vol. 6, No. 91 published on its front page, “Njemanze wins as court seals off Empire Energy Mega Filling Station, allegedly owned by Okorocha’s proxy”. The sealing of the filling station was sequel to a High Court judgment ceding the entire multi billion naira estate and investments to the original land owners, New Chidicon Medical Centre Ultra Modern Hospital, owned by Dr. Philip Njemanze.

It was also stated that Okorocha had forcefully allocated and revoked the estate to himself using one Comrade Benneth Okorie who immediately registered Empire Energy Oil and Gas Industry. Angered by the affront, Njemanze challenged Okorocha in court and as often pronounced that judiciary is the last hope of the common man, he got justice.

Rather than Benneth or Rochas Okorocha or even Empire Energy Oil and Gas Industry one Robert Ekwebelem claiming to be an engineer, stepped in to challenge the verdict.