An International gospel preacher and founder/General Overseer of His Highness Church of God Baltimore Maryland USA/ Nigeria, Dr Justin Aguguo has admonished mothers to be submissive to their husbands.

Speaking during this year’s mothers’ day celebration at his church auditorium in Baltimore Maryland USA, Dr Aguguo said that mothers at all level should endeavor to respect their husbands in order to enjoy their marriage and obtain favor from God.

The outspoken man of  God Said that the high rate of divorce, separation and home violence could be attributed to mother’s disobidence to their husbands.

Dr. Aguguo noted that the issue of divorce and separation of husband and wife can be solved if only the mothers will take into account the biblical injunction which states that “wife be submissive to your husband while the man will in return love and care for his wife”.

The popular gospel preacher used this year mothers’ day celebration in his homily to advice mothers at all levels to ensure that they be totally submissive to their husbands.

He maintained that the violence in most homes today could be resolved if mothers will listen to his advice and work on their shortcomings.
The man of God who takes great delight in helping Nigerians and Africans in the United States of America said that he will continue to do his very best to ensure he spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole nation of the world.

Dr. Aguguo equally used this medium to call on breathen in the Southeast geo political zone of Nigeria to remain steady fast in prayers, saying that God will definitely come to their aid.

The Founder/General Overseer of His Highness Church of God Baltimore Maryland USA/Nigeria said that he is praying fervently for God to return Peace to Southeast in Nigeria.