The rising wave of violent Fulani herdsmen attacks in Nigeria. The menace of fulani herdsmen has spread like wildfire which poses a great threat to the corporate existence and oneness of Nigeria. The crisis is attributed to ethnic cleansing, border porosity, political mitigation, environmental and climate change. The relationship between the herders and their animals differ them from normal nature of the civil world or orderly society which makes the herders to have less value for human life. This relationship results in incessant crisis between the herders and host communities which have left thousands of people dead and million homeless. As a result of this unfortunate reality by herdsmen terrorist group, Nigeria communities have continued to records series of attacks by Fulani herdsmen particularly on their farm lands.

On 30th September 2017, an attack was launched by herdsmen around Owerri North Local Government area of Imo State, that got a lot of people injured and some others killed, just to mention but few. Ebere Patricia Nnaji, Eunice Kalu and Onyewuchi Bethel were painfully and wrongfully brutalized in a cold blood.

Ebere Patricia Nnaji was survived by her partner and children, Chinedu Augusta Nnaji son and Augustus Nnaji daughter Onyewuchi Bethel, who was also survived by his wife Gladys and child, Chioma Bethel .

It is important to let the general public know that since Ebere Patricia Nnaji, Onyewuchi Bethel, Eunice Kalu and were wrongfully and painfully killed by the herdsmen terrorist group, their families have been on persistent threats and attacks which has subjected them to be fear, insecurity and vulnerability.

The general public should know that this issue of threat and living in fear has lingered so long and up till now, the perpetrators have not been brought to book, rather the herdsmen have continued to threaten the families of the deceased persons making life miserable and difficult for them. 

 The terrorist group has continued to launch attacks, on families of the deceased persons, community and country at large, simply because the herdsmen who disguised themselves as cattle grazers believe  that Ebere Patricia Nnaji,  Onyewuchi Bethel and Eunice Kalu  and others have hands in the killing of their cattle grazing on their farm lands.

Apparently, from 2016 till date Nigerian communities have been living in the state of chaos,  fear and insecurity occasioned or by conflict or clashes between herdsmen and farmers in the country. it is worthy of note to know that the cattle rustling, religious ethnic dichotomy and the scramble for cultivable and grazing fields are the main causes of conflict that resulted in the killing of Ebere Patricia Nnaji, Onyewuchi Bethel and Eunice Kalu and others, displacement of over half a million persons, gang rapes, and the abduction of women as sex slaves.