Dr. Sam Amadi, former chairman of the National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has condemned the rising state of prostitution among University undergraduates who have taken the Covid-19 lockdown and protracted strike Action enlarged on by the members of the Academic Staff Union of Universities in Nigeria (ASUU) to go into prostitution and seduction.

Dr. Sam Amadi who as NERE Chairman, presided over the privateisatun of the Power Holden Company of Nigeria Ltd (PHCN) without first facilitating the comprehensive destruction and installation of per-paid meters in the homes and offices of prospective consumers  thus engendering the primitive utrageons archaic  estimated billings, declared his rude shock when he not face to face with some of his prostituting students recently at transcorpe Hotels Abuja.

Worrisome, though, Amadi could not be believe that female undergraduates as young as 20, cone demark on selling their youthful bodies for money, which they don’t even need  since their school fees and providing for them while in school.

He however becalmed it all of our political leaders who usually keep a cartel to source under 20 year old old girls for their pleasure. Hence he stated “ these politicians have killed us. they have destroyed the economy, they have destroyed the infrastructure. They  have also destoryes the morally and the viability of our human capital”? the full statement is as follows,”    

Terrible things happen in Nigeria. We have lost the present and we want to lose the future.

I just left Transcorp Hotel Abuja after my news analysis at Arise News TV. As I stepped to the lobby of the hotel, I saw a bevy of pretty young girls in their early 20s crowded in a corner. There were all skimpily dressed as if there were commercial sex workers. The time was 10.30pm.

One of them rushed to greet me. “Good evening sir”. She was one of my students. I recognized her clearly because she had a slight disability and I paid attention to make sure she followed the coursework. I was shocked. I recognized three of those hotly dressed pretty young girls as fresh graduates of my department.

What are they all coming to do at this kind of Hotel at this hour and dressed in this manner? Of course, I think I know what it is. A Nigerian politician or man of means have arranged them for his pleasure and those of his friends and acquaintances. Everyday, our girls are disoriented by these politicians who have neither shame nor conscience because they have access to power and money.

We pride ourselves that we have a large youth population and that is a huge asset. But the truth is that we have a large hardware. The software is highly corrupted. Why do we intend to organize these adolescents into the life of immorality?

This reminds me of the experience I had as a special adviser to senate president. Once we went to open a new government house built by a Governor in one of the southeast states. The Governor arranged a special reception for us. When we got to the venue of the so-called reception, I was shocked. Tens of very young girls sourced from the nearby university – between 17-22 years- were already dancing with top government officials.

I screamed and accosted the majority leader of the State House of Assembly. He boldly answered “Man Sammy, these adolescents are our counterparts”. Wow. What? I requested to be taken back to the hotel. That was the end of the reception for me. I couldn’t believe that someone will arrange first year students for an entourage that has the Senate President and the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Education. We are finished.

These politicians have done more harms than you can imagine. They have destroyed the economy. They have destroyed infrastructure. They have also destroyed the morality and the viability of our human capital. How can such young girls who are debased that early rise up to be moral champions of tomorrow? How? Pretty difficult.