Sequel to the unprecedented mass influx of people into the Labour Party which appears to be the rave of the moment, the National Vice Chairman of Labour Party (South East) Chief Innocent Okeke (Agu Mba) has assured that the situation will certainly not cause implosion as the new entrants will operate within the confines of the party’s operational structure and guidelines as enshrined by the Nigeria Labour Movement.

Chief Okeke who stated this in a release he issued captioned, “Labour Party: The Hope of a New Nigeria” noted that, “a new Nigeria is possible. After many years of unfulfilled promises, pains and suffering inflicted on the masses by the Nigerian elite political parties, the Labour Party, a social democratic entity, currently making unprecedented waves all over the country, which represents the true voice of the masses and hope for a positive change, is now out and ready to bring about the real democratic change in the polity of the nation to fulfill the hope of the common man whom Labour Party represents. 

According Okeke,men of great ideas are daily collapsing their structures into the fast rising Labour Party and pledging their allegiance all over Nigeria for the actualisation of a new and workable Nigeria through mass participation.

He further stated,”The South Eastern Nigeria which has been on the vanguard of advocacy for the true reflection of government of the people for the people and by the people, equity justice and fairness, are not left out of this new wave of change.

“In the Southeast, old systems and structures are daily collapsing and embracing this new political hope, the Labour Party.

 “I want to reassure here that the Labour Party government being the last hope for the down trodden and helpless masses of Nigeria will bring sanity, change the old narratives and restore hope. Our manifesto and ideology stand differently, our operational system is clearly different from what is obtained from the other old political entities”. 

He advised the new and intending entrants into Labour Party (LP), to submit to the existing structures of the party at the ward, local government, state and zonal levels in addition to respecting constituted authority.

Okeke said, “don’t neglect the managers at these level because that is where we know you as a party member. Everybody is important and will be a contributor to this much needed change. Nobody should come to Labour Party with the mindset of having a parallel party structure or operate differently or try to create confusion. This may be the system in the old political parties which is alien to the organized Nigerian Labour movement, the NLC, the TUC and their affiliates which forms the bulk of the Nigerian Labour Party.

“Do well to identify with the Labour Party political structures on ground and we all will work hard together to strengthen weak areas for the good of Nigerian masses whom we represent. Whatever you do in Labour Party, the masses come first before you.

My southeastern comrades kindly take note of this”.

Some chieftains of the party who spoke to our correspondent noted that the National Vice Chairman’s admonition has become very necessary considering the mass influx of prominent and notable Imo leaders, and political heavy weights into Labour Party.