Worried by the senseless killing of their Igbo brothers and the docility of the self-acclaimed  leaders of Igbo land, a fledging pro-democracy group in Imo has taken a swipe at the political leaders of the region, blaming them for the unwarranted killing of Igbo people at every slightest provocation.

According to the group which is made of mainly technocrats and seasoned politicians , the dearth of proven committed political leadership in Igboland is the reason behind the unwarranted killing of innocent Igbo people in Alaigbo as witnessed in Orlu Imo State and some parts of Igbo nation in the recent past. 

In a Statement made available to weekend Nigeria Watchdog Newspaper, yesterday,signed by Comrade Michael King Chieki, Spokesman of Doable team and   Deacon Poly C. Ezumoha (Poly Samez)  who doubles as leader Doable Team and BOT chairman of Imo Network Group,  the group stated:”Igbo Political Leaders have been playing the ostrich by looking the other way while their first team (the youths), as a result of avoidable national crises are being sent to their early graves by the Nigerian Army and Police. Where there is a committed political leadership like the North and South West, Soldiers would dread to enter the streets molesting and killing unarmed innocent people. 

Whereas, Boko Haram and Bandits kill both Soldiers, Police and Civilians alike at random in some parts of the North, the Nigerian Soldiers have not gone for a killing spree on the streets as as much as they have done in the South East simply because a group that calls itself IPOB or ESN are agitating for their freedom and protection of their people respectively from marauding herdsmen.

The whole exercise by the military is most hypocritical when put on the spotlight. The jackboots are reined on and only consigned to the amphitheatre of engagement with terrorists in the north; Sambisa forest and the thick bushes of hostility, while sparing the civil populace the killing prowess of the military right there in the north. But that can’t be said of the Eastern region each time the military seems provoked.

Our prediction is that these attacks shall continue to happen unless the Igbo political class rise up in unity voicing out, and condemning this ugly situation while eschewing every form of prevarication. Truth must be told to the powers that be without equivocation. 

The recent Orlu Massacre, the EndSars Massacre especially in Mbaitoli LGA Imo State and some parts of Igboland by some Soldiers, underscored the need  for sober reflection by the Igbo political and cultural leaders and for a reawakening across the land, as this void is a threat to the Igbo nation.
What happens in the SouthEast region anytime there’s any civil agitation, smacks of violence against the peaceful people of the region by the military and this is against every known international convention of rules of engagement and a violation of human rights. The Obigbo massacre by the military is still fresh in our memories and now the Orlu killings. This has to stop, and the Political Leaders of the region must lend their honest and resounding voices for this Carnage to stop. 

The Yoruba Political and cultural leaders protect their own in times of similar ethnic aggression, showcasing why such unbridled massacre can’t happen in their homestead, but In Igboland, their own leaders give them out in a bid to curry favor from Abuja. That’s unacceptable. 

The way and manner the Yoruba nation protected and defended Sunday Igbogho when he gave ultimatum for Fulani Herdsmen to vacate the Oyo forests and the aftermath of the responses by Miyetti Allah and some Fulani political leaders gave credence to the popular Igbo adage that “ezue ezue, nyukoo mmamiri, ògbaa ufufu” meaning, “whatever we put our heads together to achieve that we shall”. This forced the Fulani and Miyetti Allah to sign and agree to the stoppage of open and night grazing. Which Governor of the South East or South South has that clout or gut? None!
The famous age long unity of purpose, “Gudugudu wu ugwu Eze n’ala Igbo”, simply translated as “in unity we prevail”, should not be toyed with any longer, and further attempts at smacking down this practice by compromised political and cultural leaders will spell unmitigated disaster to the Igbo Nation if left unchecked.

Abandoning our people and watching them being killed in broad daylight like stray chicks, under circumstances that are not their fault, without saying or doing something is a betrayal of the trust and confidence reposed by the people on their leaders. 

May we caution therefore that this trend must stop, to avoid radicalizing the South East youths into picking up arms in sympathy and solidarity with their slain brothers and sisters, as that will equally affect everyone including the indulgent political and cultural leaders. In unity we stand and shall prevail for the advancement of a common front.”