How stray bullet killed food vendor,others

 The effect of the recent uprising in Orlu still pervades the air as reports from the area as  at yesterday, indicate that the situation is still very tensed. The roads are still deserted, businesses grounded and vehicular movement banned as a result of the dusk to dawn curfew imposed by the state government.

Residents and indigenes of the area are said to be in a very pathetic situation as complaints of food shortages, cash constraint and inability to attend or engage in previously scheduled programmes have become their lot.

The most distressful aspect of the ugly experience which they did not bargain for, is the attendant misfortune of dying and losing their loved ones.

For instance a female food vendor, popularly known as Nwanyi Ntiga who used to sell food at community primary school, Umuna, Orlu, was on Monday 25th January, 2021 struck by a stray bullet that made her slump.

According to eye witness account, “on that day, the woman unaware of what fate had in stock for her, came to her shop to do her normal business. After attending to some of her customers, she sat down to rest for a while. Suddenly, a stray bullet from nowhere hit her on the neck and she slumped. All efforts to revive her were futile as she died instantly in a pool of her blood.”

Some residents of the area who are worried about the frustrating development that has pauperized and subjected the people to untold hardship, social and psychological trauma for no fault of theirs, said, “much as the curfew imposed was in good faith and aimed at checking the crisis and attendant loss of lives, it’s negative effect on the people has become very frustrating and worrisome. Hence there is urgent need to take a second look at it to avoid hunger induced deaths and other vises that may be caused by survival instinct which is a natural phenomena.”

Others who spoke on the issue, wondered why such hard stance was not taken in some Northern states that had for a long time been ravaged by Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen attacks, insurgency and related issues.

“We are yet to hear of any state in the North where such dusk to dawn curfew was imposed, in spite of all that have happened and continued to happen there.” 

Apart from Nwanyi Ntiga, report has it that they were other persons shot by stray bullets which were not reported.In some cases, the corpses were hurriedly carried away to unknown destination.