By Dorcas Samson Achi

Prof Chidi Osuagwu PhD, President General Aspirant for Ohanaeze Ndigbo and Apostle Solomon Chukwuemeka Okorie, the International President of Igbo Association of Christian Ministers Worldwide have joined other concerned Imeobi Members to demand for the cancellation of Ohaneze Ndigbo Election slated  10th of January 2021. 

This demand was made during a press conference  in Owerri, early today. Chief Chidi Osuagwu in his statement made available to newsmen elaborated the  dangers of involving fraud and 419 strategy to Igbo social political affairs. 

   ”The election should be cancelled because it is not according to the constitution of Ohanaeze Ndigbo. It is appalling that People cannot differentiate between Ohanaeze interest and political interest. If the election proceeds tomorrow and a winner emerges, then it is an invalid and unaccepted election” ,he maintained.

He urged the present Ohanaeze leadership which tenure will be expiring on the 10th of January 2021 to hand over and entrust the leadership of Ohaneze to the Christian Association of Nigeria for two months before genuine election is conducted since Ohanaeze is predominated by Christians.
 ” The Soul of the Igbo nation is at stake. Some people who are currently running for Ohanaeze candidacy cannot differentiate between a cultural union and Nigerian politics. Ohanaeze leadership is for the interest of the Igbo nation and not for political gains. The fact that there is no venue, no guidelines for an election that will hold tomorrow exposes the heart of 419 and planned electoral malpractices, ” he said.

Recall that after the meeting of concerned Imeobi members recently with some contestants for the position of President General and Secretary General to ascertain the extent of preparedness for the forthcoming Ohanaeze General Elections, it was discovered that the fundamentals for open, free, fair and credible elections have been breached brazenly as there is no information on venues for elections at all levels, no official statement on nomination forms, no official lists of national General Assembly Statutory members as required by the Ohanaeze constitution and no official guideline.

Apostle Solomon Chukwuemeka Okorie, the International President of Christian  Association of Igbo Ministers and the publisher of Eastern Eye Magazine and Newspaper emphasized that Oha and Eze will work in synergy to produce a leader because we are running a democratic government. According to him, Ohanaeze will not allow imposition of any leader on them because it is supposed to be an election and not selection or appointment. Refuting the crisis in Ohaneze, he stated that there is no crisis in Ohanaeze but some people are trying to impose a leader on the union which is totally unacceptable.