·        Threatens court action

The Publisher of Nigeria Watchdog Newspaper and Orlu senatorial candidate on the platform of the United Progressive Party in the 2019  election, Comrade Precious Nwadike who was assaulted and beaten to a state of coma by the younger brother of the Imo state governor, Uche Uzodinma has called on the latter to tender an unreserved apology and compensate him with the sum of three hundred million naira (N300m).

The human rights activist in a letter addressed to Mr Uche Uzodinma by his lawyer, Nelson .O. Chukwezi Esq captioned, “Your violent attack and serious asscult on Mr Precious .U. Nwadike on Tuesday, 9th February 2021:Demand for apology and compensation”, recalled how his client  was attacked, assaulted, and humiliated by Uche Uzodinma and his thugs, on his way to the Owerri Capital Development Authority OCDA for data capturing to enable him obtain a National Identity Number (NIN).

“On getting to the said office of OCDA, along Port-Harcourt Road, in company of two ladies, a man hit on our client’s vehicle’s bonnet in a manner suggestive of the style of area boys and commanded him in a coercive voice to more back. 

Though he could not comprehend the reason for the order, he obeyed by reversing and going back carefully to avoid hitting other vehicles behind him. It was then that you, flanked by two police escorts shouted on our client to move his “rickety velicle fast or be dealt with on the claim that you are the contractor handling the rehabilitation of Owerri –P.H road.”

“When our client managed to park his vehicle on the other side of the road, and disembarked therefore, you surprisingly drew him back and slapped and hit him and ordered your retinue of thugs to descend on him. The fierce looking young men beat our client blue black, hitting him on every part of the body, causing him dislocation on his left hand.”

“Our client has suffered ineffable, unspeakable and unquantifiable pain, humiliation, embarrassment, loss, injury and physical and psychological trauma as a result of your attack on him which was totally uncalled for in a democratic setting such as ours.”

He therefore requested for a unreserved apology that would be published in two newspaper circulating in the state and one national daily and also tender a compensation of N300m to Nwadike within 21 days of the receipt of this letter through his office or our client will be left with no option than to invoke the laws of the land against you. 

Our client’s reputation as a former senatorial candidate and a seasoned journalist has been badly injured and smeared by your act of humiliation.”