·        Condemns killing of unarmed persons

“It is the duty and responsibility of government at all levels to listen to complaints, agitations and grievances of the people, with a view to addressing the issues raised, deploy crisis and conflict management strategies in resolving them to achieve sustainable peace and harmony that are cardinal to growth and development”.

Former Executive Chairman of Orlu L.G.A Council and erstwhile  member for Orlu/Orsu/Oru East Federal Constituency in the federal house of representatives, Chief Mayor Eze stated this while reacting to the recent mayhem in Orlu.

According to him, “the federal government should not for any reason claim to be tired of listening to complaints of the different aggrieved and dissenting voices in the country. Nigeria is a vastly populated entity comprising different ethnic nationalities with peculiar challenges. There is therefore need for the federal government to intervene and play fatherly roles when there are agitations and discomfort among groups and warring factions. The dissenting voices may be seen as distractions but they are normal components of a democratic process.”

He advised the federal government to create avenues for discussions, dialogues and exchange of ideas with aggrieved parties, this will enable government to know whether they are crying wolf or have issues that are genuinely worth looking into.

“Agitations and protest of different types and shades didn’t start today. They are age long components of democracy and a government’s ability to address and handle them without aggression and bloodshed attest to its capacity, ability and pro-activeness.

Hon Mayor Eze condemned the unwarranted killing and maiming of innocent people in Orlu, insisting that, it is an ill wind that blows no one good.

“It is regrettable that this is happening in Orlu and its environs that comprise very accommodating people that believe in the dignity of labour. The mayhem that resulted in unnecessary loss of innocent lives, physical, emotional and psychological torture of friends, relatives and associates of the victims, most of who have suddenly become orphans, widows and widowers is a source of great concern to me and our people. This must stop forthwith and never be allowed to repeat.”