Calls for investment partners

The Diaspora prosperity Ambassador to the United States of America and coordinator Sen. Francis Co, Mazi Emma Iheanacho has called on political leaders from Orlu senatorial zone, traditional rulers and town union leaders in the zone to embrace peace and unity to foster progress and development in the zone as he expressed worry that stakeholders from the area have for long kept mute over the spate of insecurity in the area and across the state.

The ambassador who spoke to our reporter in an interview on phone from his US base used the opportunity to call for investment partners to support the state. 

on the security situation in the state he said “I want to use this medium to call on all political leaders, traditional rulers, traditional title holders, youth leaders, PGs of communities in Orlu zone to speak and preach peace and unity at the LGA and state levels”.

He further said, “I am worried over how Imo State has been engulfed with unrest in the past few months, yet our leaders have refused to come and preach peace, or help the government to fight insecurity while Imo state goes aflame. Youths should lay down their arms of grievance. Creating chaos, burning down government properties and killing people will only delay progress”.

Answering a question, Iheancho said “I am calling on all peace loving Imo citizens especially those from Orlu to come and support the Governor. We cannot make it right if we continue to make wrongful acts. It is not wise to burn police stations or other public institutions. It is unwise to destroy our property. Creating panic in the state hinders prosperity. Through my course of review and consultation here in the United States, l discovered that most of our people who planned to come back to invest, are now cancelling their plans because of insecurity. That decision will affect our economy and revenue negatively. We drive away investors. This affects the revenue and economy of the state. We should not be celebrating crisis”.

He was of the opinion that the youths should denounce their anger and causing havoc. Let us reignite peace. Let us create an enabling peaceful environment. We will not gain anything shooting, killing and creating chaos in our communities. I am begging everyone to pursue peace.

He canvassed that the government should create employment because the main cause of the problem is unemployment. Imo state government should create enabling environment for our investors to come and build factories where our citizens will be employed.

Appealing to youths and business men he stated “I call on our industrialists to remember home. They should come home and build factories, industries and create jobs so that youths will be actively engaged. They will prefer going to work and getting paid than carrying arms”.

On his assignments in USA and Diaspora he said “I am consulting widely in America and beyond to address these unhealthy situations. The governor cannot lead Imo State alone. We need everyone’s contribution to fight insecurity. We are all victims of these circumstances but we cannot achieve anything by preaching war. We can have dialogue, through dialogue peace will be achieved”. 

Let us stop killing our innocent citizens, Security Operatives and destroying our infrastructure”.

To the people at home Mazi Iheanacho said “I call on our Local Government Heads, Our community Presidents General, Security Officials, Ezes and local security outfits to work together and bring solution that will usher peace in our communities arguing that Imo State is a peace loving state. Why has Imo state become a bedrock of war recently? The drums of war are hindering people from investing for our betterment. Let’s support government to embrace peace. We trust our government, with our support they will do well”.

He also contended that “a peaceful Imo state is a progressive Imo state. Politicians should advise their supporters and followers to calm down. Even if you don’t like the governor, for the sake of the state please work in synergy with the government to achieve peace, unity and progress. This governor will come and go but our state remains Imo. Imo is our root”.

Concluding he said, “I call on internet services to stop promoting and singing war songs in Imo State. Why are we rejoicing when Imo State is on fire? Our brothers from Anambra, Abia, Enugu and Ebonyi should come and support us in Imo State to stop this crisis”.