·        Says lawmaker needs tutelage on legislation

The Bill for the legalization of polygamy recently sponsored by the member for Orsu state constituency, in the Imo State House of Assembly Hon Ekene Nnodumele has come under serious attack and criticism as a group known as Nigeria Dynamic Comrades,NDC has described it as mischievous and unnecessary stressing that it has nothing to offer towards addressing the rampaging security challenges, dwindling welfare and socio-economic needs of the people which according to them, are of utmost importance.

The Convener and National Coordinator of the group, Comrade Kenkwo Kesandu Kingsley in an interview with our reporter yesterday said, “We saw the report in the newspapers few days ago and was astonished that the only reasons the sponsor of the Bill gave for considering it necessary was that, the Bill if passed into law, will reduce the rate of infidelity and spread of diseases.”

“It is ridiculous  that at this period of ravaging insecurity and hyper inflation arising from economic down-turn, mass unemployment, hunger, lack and deprivation occasioned by nonpayment of salaries  and  pensions, among others, all a legislator who was elected to offer quality and effective representation that will enhance the welfare of his people  is thinking about is the legalization of polygamy.  if I may ask,  is polygamy presently an offence in our custom as Igbos?”

“They have failed in their responsibility and now chasing shadow”

“He said, “It is ridiculous  that at this period of ravaging insecurity, hyper inflation arising from economic melt down, mass unemployment and civil unrest, all a legislator who has the mandate of the his people thinks about is the legalization of polygamy, as if it presently an offence against our culture as Igbos.

He expressed dismay that those who should hold the government accountable have failed in their responsibility. “This entire Scenario is laugliable, irresponsible and makes mockery of the legislative process.

“Polygamy is not our problem in this state and will not be. There are more pressing problems that should be focused on: The present government is a colossal failure and should be told to sit up and do the needful”.

Responding to a question the acclaimed youth leader and human rights activist popularly called KKK, said, “it is possible that some interested parties outside the legislature are sponsoring the Bill because of their ulterior motives and personal interests. 

However, others who spoke in the same vein, aligned themselves with the submission of Comrade Kenkwo.

They said, “What is the socio-economic importance of the Bill on polygamy, when we are talking of mass youth unemployment, decayed infrastructure and the deplorable state of virtually all public health and educational facilities? The Bill does not need a second look and should be thrown out without further delay”.