·        Contribute to renovate office

Following the forceful ejection of the Rector of the state Polytechnic, Umuagwo Okechukwu Mbadike from his office by the Prof. Egbule led management of the new university of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences that has taken over the Umuagwo Campus of the institution, some lecturers of the polytechnic who are worried about the plight of the Acting Rector, Sir John Okechukwu  Mbadike  have resolved to contribute  money and materials to renovate an office accommodation for him either at Umuagwo or at the Omuma Campus of the polytechnic and save him from further embarrassment.

A source who pleaded anonymity told this reporter that, “both the students and lecturers are stranded as they no longer have lecture halls, offices and hostels. Besides, the Prof Egbule led management of the new university directed that on no account should anybody leave with anything, not even a calendar”.

Some  lecturers who spoke to this reporter, lamented that most of them have spent over 15 years in the service  of the polytechnic and feel  very bad that all their efforts and contributions are about to be rubbished.

“Even if the leadership of ASUP is weak, some of us have taken it upon ourselves to reach out to the Governor to set modalities for a smooth transition.” They however frowned at the high handedness of the Prof Ebule led management.

Meanwhile, speculations are rife that Rev Fr (Dr) Wence Madu, former rector of the Institution  who exerts enormous influence is the problem of the institution, as he does not consider plight of his colleagues.It was said that Wence has been at the vanguard of relocating the Polytechnic  to else where for the New University. 

He further stated that they had visited the Omuma Campus of the polytechnic and found out that it is not worth accommodating a polytechnic, as most of the buildings there are mainly bungalows.

“Government should have relocated the school to the Orlu Campus that has the capacity to accommodate all the faculties as it had once accommodated Alvan Ikoku College of Education, TESAC etc. It also has a vast expanse of land for expansion if the need arises.” Continuing they said, the saving grace now, is that the National Diploma Students have gone for their 1 year I.T, hence we are trying to cope with the Higher National Diploma Students. If not, there would have been an upsurge that would be difficult to handle, considering the present accommodation challenges we are facing.”

Something should therefore be done urgently, to avoid a lacuna.”