Owerre Nkwoji PG Reacts To Newspaper Publication

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·        Says Traditional Prime Minister, not deposed

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The President General of Owerre Nkworji Town Union in Nkwerre Local Government Area, Chief Frank Amadi has reacted to a recent Newspaper Publication on activities and events at this year’s annual Iriji Cultural festival of the community stating that, though there were some unforeseen events during the ceremony including the breach of protocol in the presentation of kolanuts which may have attracted comments.

He said, the issue of the Traditional Prime Minister was not publicly reprimanded or dethroned as reported in the newspaper.

He posited that in the constitution of the Town Union and Tradition of the community, the town union has no such power to depose or dethrone the Traditional Prime Minister who is the leader and primus inter-pares in the royal father’s cabinet.

In a press release issued and signed by the President General F.N. Amadi (Akanachimba) himself captioned, “refutation of your publication of August 17, tiled-Owerre-Nkworji Leaders Humiliate self acclaimed TPM for politicizing Iriji festival the town union claimed that the publication has caused serious problem and disunity among the leader.

The release  said, “For the purpose of clarity and your information, the issue of appointment or removal of the Traditional Prime Minister of our community was not part of the agenda of our Town Union Mid-Year General Meeting on 15th August 2021 and was never discussed. We only received report on the lapses in presentation of “Kolanuts” during the New Yam Festival of the community on 14th August 2021 in which the Traditional Prime Minister was involved. This issue was discussed and the matter settled with apologies to aggrieved persons. 


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