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Imo Opposition’s Desperation, Falsehood, Destructive Tendency, A Misnomer; Says Public Affairs Analyst

“The desperation of the opposition in Imo State to misrepresent, malign and run down the Hope Uzodinma administration in a bid to grab power in 2023 has become a lunatic obsession that will not yield positive result”.

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A Public Affairs Analyst, Dr  Henry Emerekowe stated this in a recent release he signed and made available to the press.

Emerekowe condemned in very strong terms the unhealthy actions, conduct and attitude of those he referred to as unpatriotic elements who seem to have resolved to concort and peddle deliberate falsehood, unhealthy propaganda that initially elicited hatred and public outcry by undiscerning Imolites  against the governor who to the best of his knowledge is poised to take the state to the next level.

According  to him, “at first, most of these wild allegations and media attacks were assumed to be true by the general public, but as time went on, some critical and intelligent Imo citizens decoded and started reading between the lines.”

He regretted that, some people who are still in a state of hallucination have refused to acknowledge the fact that power has changed hands and a new Governor has been sworn in to preside over the affairs of the state, as ordered by providence. They also seem to have resolved that if it is not them or their camp, then the state should be made ungovernable.

Emerekowe, decried the criminal resort to lies, deceit, falsehood, and vicious propaganda against the Governor which culminated in the recent alteration of the Friday August 27, 2021 edition Of ThisDay  Newspaper, where the banner headline and photograph on the cover page were tampered with to portray the Governor as working against the interest, vision and aspiration of Imo people.

He urged Imolites at home and in the Diaspora to ignore and jettison the antics and shenanigans of those he referred to as desperate political jobbers and fifth columnists who have nothing to offer, except being propelled by their greed, envy and urge to assuage their gluttonous appetite at the expense of Imo people.

He maintained that Governor Hope Uzodinma will in no distant time restore the lost glory of the state and shame his detractors.




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