Dr Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah, a civil engineer of repute, renowned financial analyst and business strategist is presently basking in the euphoria of his grand birthday celebration, amid a plethora of congratulatory and goodwill messages from relations, friends, associates groups and individuals who in different ways extolled the virtues, philanthropy, academic excellence, humility and resourcefulness of a rare gem who has impacted positively on humanity in ways that are worthy of emulation.

Marksman, described by many as a quintessential gentleman attended Enugu State University of Science and Technology, where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering.

Comrade Paulcy Iwuala who spoke to this reporter described Ijiomah as an engineering guru with excellent understanding of structural engineering, rudiments and techniques acquired over several years of extensive and hands on deck training, collaborating and incorporating with the best hands in Engineering and administration across the African continent.

The celebrant who was awarded a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration on 21st August 2020 was also awarded the Pan African Distinguished Achievers Award and inducted into the Pan African Leaders Hall of Fame.

Marksman, a man of many parts who has excelled in different spheres of human endeavour, was in June 2019 awarded and inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Public Chartered Institute of Public Resources Management and Politics, Ghana.

Later that same month, he was rewarded with the Nelson Rolihlahla Mnadels Leadership Award of Excellence and Integrity, presented by the ECOWAS Youth Council on June, 18, 2019.

The acclaimed business mogul and engineering guru is also a recipient of a Professional Fellowship Doctorate Degree from the Institute of Corporate and Public Administration of Nigeria (ICPAN).

Prior to all these, Dr Marksman was in 2018, inducted into the Hall of Fame of Moneywise Institute, a financial and investment school and has been constantly listed among the top ten Nigerian CEOs in reputable magazines.

The financial expert and business strategist who has recorded monumental Chinmark Group was also awarded an honoring Doctor of Science Degree in Business Administration and Management (Dsc Hons)”.

A genius who has carved a niche for himself established Chimark Investment as a genuine investment platform for interested persons to stem the tide of fraudulent investment schemes through which unsuspecting sincere investors are scammed by fraudulent and dubious people.