·        Says:our  people being sacrificed for 2023 political considerations 

“The meeting of the South East governors at Umuahia last Monday was a waste of time and resources, unlike the South West and South South governors who deliberated on very important issues and took far reaching decisions about the security and welfare of their people. On the contrary, governors in the South East are busy playing politics with the lives and properties of the people they solemnly swore to protect.

One thing they don’t known is that none of them will be the President of this country because they have been unable to govern their states well.”

Barr CAN Osondu, Principal Partner of Ebubedike Chambers, situated along Port Harcourt road, Owerri stated this in an exclusive  interview with this reporter.

He noted that governors in the South West and South South have, after extensive deliberations taken drastic measures to ensure the security of lives and properties of their people.

The renowned legal luminary and social crusader advised governors in the South east to borrow a leaf from their colleagues in the South west, “who despite their political differences and affiliations came together to establish a well funded regional security outfit called Amotekun and gave it legal backing through their respective Houses of Assembly. The outfit he said, regularly combs the bushes in the zone in search of bandits and terrorists. Amotekwu has to the best of my knowledge lived up to expectation as bandits have taken flight from the zone and the rate of killings, harassment and banditry by alleged herdsmen and their cohorts have been reduced to the  barest minimum”.

“But here, our  people are busy playing to the gallery without matching their words with action, sacrificing the  lives and property of the citizens on the altar of their white goose chase political ambitions that will remain a mirage because they are unqualified judging by their present score cards.”

“Look at how cows and their herders are parading everywhere in Imo state and the government is not saying anything about it”.

Barr Osondu also expressed dismay that the South East governors did not deem it fit to take a stand or make any categorical statement about the VAT issue that is presently on the front burner of public discourse in the country.

According to him, it is legally and morally wrong for states that reject and condemn the sale and consumption of alcohol and also confiscate the products to benefit from the revenue generated from the sale and consumption of alcohol in other states.

On Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the sit at home directives issued by the Independent People of Biafra, the fiery lawyer and human rights activist said, “since Nnamdi Kanu was unlawfully abducted in Kenya, how many South east governors have had the courage to speak out or condemn the action. How many of our state and federal lawmakers have spoken in his defence, what more visiting him in the prison, except Senator Abaribe? Our traditional rulers have also abandoned their son who is fighting for the collective interest of Igbos.”

“Igboho, the Yoruba freedom fighter  was also arrested but all the governors and traditional rulers in the South west came out aside, speaking and condemning his arrest, came out in their numbers and mobilized support for him. In the absence of concerted efforts by our governors, politicians and traditional rulers, how else do you want these youths to draw attention to and show solidarity for their Leader.I see nothing unlawful about  the sit at home orders. What I condemn in totality is the violence, killings and destruction of properties.

Afterall, the judge who presided over Sunday Igboho’s case categorically said that the fight for freedom is justified and constitutionally guaranteed”.

“The law is like a cobweb that is very strong to the weak and very weak to the strong. If we are operating strictly in line with the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, the contents should be strictly adhered to because it is binding on everybody irrespective of status and position,” he posited.

“Among the lost parading themselves as Igbo leaders, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe is the only person that has courageously shown concern, commitment and passion for the interest, wishes and aspirations of the Igbos without minding whose ox is gored. If we have five people like him in Igbo land, things would be entirely different. I pray that God gives him good health and long life. If he becomes the governor of Abia state, the state will not only be transformed, repositioned and taken to a new level, the people will also enjoy the bountiful dividends of democracy.”

Barr Osondu also berated Ohaneze Ndigbo which he said has lost focus and become politicized. “Gone are the days when Ohaneze Ndi Igbo was vocal and sincerely championed the cause of Nid Igbo. When the group spoke or coughed the entire country listened because of their commitment, transparency and credibility. But today, Ohaneze has not only lost steam and focus, but has become politicized in the interest of the leaders of the group and at the expense of the people whose interest and welfare it should advocate and protect.”

It would be recalled that the governors of the five South East states met on Monday at the Government House, Enugu, where, they among other issues, resolved to fully set up the regional security outfit code named Ebubeagu.

The meeting which was presided over by Gov. Dave Umahi of Ebonyi state has elicited mixed reactions from different quarters.