The Peoples Democratic Party, Imo State Chapter, has expressed disappointment at the way and manner the Hope Uzodinma government has continued to exhibit its hatred and disdain for Imo youths who it has periodically accused of one  vice or misdemeanor unbecoming of  vibrant, hardworking and focused individuals who will and are determined to excel if provided with enabling environment, devoid of shuffling conditions, programs and policies.

The major opposition party in a release signed by its Acting Publicity Secretary, Mazi Emenike Nmeregini frowned “at the description of Imo youths as attack dogs in a queer  poorly edited  local tabloid without any known address.”

“The governor in the puerile publication obviously edited, published and circulated by his media aide maliciously alleged that our party is training an army of 1,000 New Media “attack dogs” to fight his administration.”

The release dated October, 26, 2021, reads in part “A puerile publication of this nature is ordinarily undeserving of our attention except that we have found in it an undeniable admission by Uzodinma of his deep-rooted hatred for Imo youths. In the outburst, especially as it disparaged Imo youths and openly described them as “attack dogs”, Uzodinma has crossed the redline.

“Fact is that the membership of the PDP in Imo State has lately been swelling. Day after day, thousands of young people continue to reflect on the great accomplishments of the party in Imo State. They see in the party a great opportunity to oust Uzodinma’s unelected regime of shame and perfidy, and to deliver the State from the barbarous clutches of bad governance. This is the reason there is torrential movement of young persons into the PDP. And the recent New Media summit of the party which was overwhelmingly attended especially by young persons was a fit testimony to Imo people’s determination to reclaim and rebuild the State.

“The PDP in Imo State therefore holds that Uzodinma’s insult to youths based on their political choices and party identification explains his ongoing nefarious and dehumanizing policies against Imo youths.

“The PDP further regrets that thousands of Imo youths have become direct or indirect victims of insecurity which Uzodinma has bluntly refused to address. Even the vaunted promise of creating 100,000 jobs for the youths through Adapalm has become a mirage. It is a proof of Uzodinma’s longstanding war against Imo youths that Imo under his watch has been designated as the capital of youth unemployment in Nigeria. The N250,000 which Uzodinma had claimed to be sharing to 15,000 Imo youths has turned out to be a shameful hoax. 

“The PDP demands that  Uzodinma should  immediately apologize to Imo youths for calling them “attack dogs” or wait for their collective wrath. The youths of Imo State are educated, creative, innovative, smart and passionate about a better-governed Imo. They have been abandoned by Uzodinma whose regime has brought untold hardship to them. They must now speak in unison against this regime which places no premium on their existence, wellbeing and dignity.”