·        Says he is anti-Igbo

F.C.C Jones Onwuasoanya, a public affairs commentator seen by many as an ardent supporter of Owelle Rochas Okorocha representing Orlu senatorial zone in the national assembly has described the latter’s ambition to contest the 2023 presidential election as a wild goose chase that will not only rubbish his political career but also expose his obvious and hidden antecedents as an anti Igbo who from all intents and purposes is not qualified to occupy the exalted position which the Igbos rightfully say is now their turn to occupy.

Onwuasoanya who stated this in a release he issued yesterday posited that Okorocha’s attempt to factionalize Ohaneze Ndigbo exposes him as Anti Igbo.

Onwuasoanya who is also the Acting Youth Leader of Ohaneze Ndigbo further said, “aside relevant questions that have been raised about the viability and morality of his presidential ambition, the Imo West Senator’s willful affront on Ndigbo’s collective authority which is demonstrated by his romance with an allegedly discredited impostor parading himself as the President-General of Ohaneze Ndigbo Worldwide, a certain Mr. Chidi Ibeh, clears every doubt, that Okorocha’s comical ambition to govern Nigeria  is both anti-Igbo and anti-Nigeria.

Though, I am expected to support any Igbo who declares interest in vying for presidency, but I would certainly not be expected to support an ambition which by all intents and purposes is driven by desire to turn Nigeria to a theatre of lawlessness and a colony of charlatans.

Okorocha’s attempt to unilaterally enthrone his house boy, Chidi Ibeh as the President-General of Ohaneze Ndigbo and his continuous recognition of the charlatan as such exposes him as a man consumed by personal insecurity, a master of impunity who is only interested in using the Nigerian presidency to confer Constitutional immunity on himself and the charlatans he prods. It also shows that, should the Ogboko born multibillionaire have the slightest opportunity he would declare himself the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, even without purchasing nomination forms.”

“The Nigerian Constitution which anyone who becomes Nigeria’s President is expected to swear to uphold incriminates impersonation and extortion, acts which Okorocha’s proteges, Ibeh and Isiguzoro are currently enmeshed in and yet are being protected by their principal and chief sponsor, Rochas Okorocha. Supporting a man who funds some individuals to disparage his own people for personal political aggrandizement is akin tosupporting someone who finances the destruction of his community to ascend the sacred throne of the kingdom. Until Okorocha reverses his irresponsible affront on the collective integrity and authority of the Igbo, he is eminently disqualified as a candidate for the presidency of Nigeria, especially, at this auspicious time, when Ndigbo are investing their best efforts towards convincing other Nigerians to support their kin to govern Nigeria.

If a man cannot accept the decision of the majority of his own people, but insists on imposing his own will on the people, even while he doesn’t have any executive powers, then, it would be outrightly dangerous to empower such a man with such power as the Commander-in-Chief of Africa’s largest nation. Okorocha is sponsoring Chidi Ibeh, who did not even purchase a form, nor participated in any of the processes for the election of Ohanaeze President-General, because he couldn’t have his way with majority of Igbo stakeholders and organizations. This is a very dangerous signal for one who wants to be President.”